What are the main aspects to know about sweet clover?

Sweet clover grows in Eurasia, North Africa, Europe and Asia. It also adapts easily to temperate regions and can reach an altitude of 2200 m. It is a herbaceous plant derived from the fabaceae family and sub section melilotus. Its branch is embellished with aromatic yellow trifoliate flowers. It also has pretty petiole foliage and pod fruits to finally form clusters. It is also called royal alfalfa, royal crown, horse clover, fly grass, yellow clover, bastard alfalfa, poison ivy or melilotus officinalis (in Latin). It benefits from phenolic acids, important flavonoids, numerous saponosides and coumarins.

What is sweet clover used for?

Sweet clover has protective, relaxing, fluidifying, anti-inflammatory and resolving values. It is used in natural medicine since a long time. It prevents embolisms, tones the body, treats venous problems and eliminates varicose veins. This shrub heals:

  • pelvic and digestive spasms,
  • painful periods,
  • varicose ulcers,
  • sleeping troubles,
  • spasmodic cough,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • night cramps,
  • bruises.

It promotes good blood circulation and strengthens the immune defenses. This myotropic remedy controls liver functions. It also works on the vein, the capillary and the lymphatic.

The various choices of phytotherapeutic uses?

the sweet clover is designed in the form of mixtures (infusions), capsules (powder), dry extracts or dried flowers. The part used to make the different forms of preparation is the flowering top (sweet clover or top of the inflorescence).

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In mother tincture, it allows to treat:

  • heavy legs,
  • hot flashes,
  • and menopausal disorders.

The ideal dose for this form is 35 drops to add to a glass of water. To be taken three times a day simultaneously with meals.

Make the most of the benefits of sweet clover

This fodder has a whole host of benefits. Its seeds are used as herbs and its flowers produce amazing infusions. This herbaceous plant can also be used to flavor various recipes.

For the compresses, put 20 g of dried flowers in 10 cl of water and boil for 15 minutes. Application 2 to 3 times a day.

In organic farming, it can be used as an excellent fertilizer.

Can we use sweet clover serenely?

I’use of sweet clover is almost safe, but there are still a few points to clarify. It is not prescribed for people with liver disease, breastfeeding mothers and children (under 3 years old). It is also not recommended if you are taking anticoagulant medication or if you suffer from haemophilia.

In addition, the recommendation of a medical specialist is always essential for:

  • avoid facing any inconvenience,
  • be sure of the correct dosage,
  • escape all kinds of allergies.


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