What are the medicinal secrets of the wild carrot?

The wild carrot is an edible plant that is gradually showing its appearance, existence and importance. Indeed, in the field of medicinal treatment, the daucus carota or umbellifer, of the family of the apiaceae begins to take place. It comes from the temperate countries of the old world. Like the regular carrot, it is also excellent for the skin and improving eyesight thanks to its abundance of vitamins (B1, B2 and C). Wild carrot also contains carotenoids and beta-carotenes. It is best known for its diuretic, depurative and carminative properties.

Wild carrot improves health and well-being

It protects and helps the body to fight against various diseases. Indeed, it can treat, prevent and relieve: skin allergies, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, intestinal transit and digestive problems. The wild carrot is very effective in case of burns or vitamin A deficiency. In aromatherapy, the essential oil produced by this plant offers several therapeutic privileges. However, it is not yet very popular.

The different ways of preparation

There are several possible uses of wild carrot in herbal medicine. We note among its different uses: decoction, powder, infusion.

In the kitchen, this plant offers us a wide choice of preparations: fresh carrots, carrot cakes, carrot soup, carrot-based sweets… It can be eaten raw, in salads or transformed into juice (with or without sugar).

The wild carrot leaves can be eaten cooked or raw. Its flowers can be presented in the form of donuts and the roots flavor various recipes (desserts for example).

Wild Carrot Highlights

Classified as weeds, this plant is very easy to find. By its pretty white flowers scattered in umbels, it is easily recognized. Moreover, you can’t go wrong because it has a characteristic carrot smell. All these parts are usable:

  • the leaves are added to salads,
  • fruits flavor drinks,
  • the seeds accompany stews and soups,
  • and the roots have a particular taste (delicate, tender and sweet) which can be eaten cooked or raw.
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For more benefits and retaining more nutrients, it is best eaten raw.

Speaking of wild carrots, are there reasons for mistrust?

Since the wild carrot is full of nutritional benefits, as well as health benefits, so it has no significant contraindications. Its use is rather recommended. However, it must still be consumed in a reasonable amount, because we know that any excessive intake (of food or medicine) always results in negative consequences.


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