What are the medicinal values ​​of camphor?

Camphor or cinnamomumcamphora is a large medicinal tree from Asia. It symbolizes in particular the city of Hiroshima and can measure up to 25 m. It is very famous because it can more produce a wide selection of essential oils. And is distinguished by its fiery smell, its aromatic and its bitter taste. With a large content of tonic, purifying and disinfecting active ingredients, it is of great help for the proper functioning of the body. Camphor contains monoterpenols, which gives it a strong ability to fight viruses, fungi and bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates immune defenses.

Why is camphor good for health?

Camphor specifically resolves viral and respiratory infection problems. It relieves and cures bronchitis, coughs, flu, winter infections and colds. Camphor optimizes the stimulation of blood circulation. This medicinal shrub is also used in case of fatigue, stress or asthenia.

I’camphor essential oil is best known for its stimulating properties. It provides the body with tonicity, energy, vigor and strength. Very refreshing, this oil also improves breathing.

Camphor is used in what form?

Camphor is the result of a distillation of fragments of stems, barks or roots. It is often used in inhalation, diffusion and cosmetics. It is also very effective for massages to relieve pain (joint and / or muscle), or just to relax. In addition, it must always be diluted in a vegetable oil.

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How to make the most of the privileges of camphor?

Camphor truly offers wonders on health and body. Almost all of its components provide real benefits in herbal medicine. Indeed, we use almost all its elements (leaves, roots, branches and bark). the camphor can be used in the form of essential oil to cure various diseases and to ensure well-being.

The best way to get good results is to use it as an essential oil. The latter is very effective for:

  • respiratory comfort (the oily mixture is applied to the back and chest in friction or massage),
  • heavy legs,
  • soothing itching, redness, insect bites and skin disorders,
  • and air purification.

Camphor: caution in its use

The risks of allergy are among the precautions to be taken into account. Indeed, there are those who do not support it. A medical consultation is then necessary. Children, pregnant women under 3 months or breastfeeding, as well as people with epileptic disorders should not take camphor. Also, do not confuse the different uses of essential oils because the compositions are not the same.


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