What are the natural remedies that heal the throat?

Sore throats can manifest themselves in several symptoms. There is inflammation, coughing or itching. To naturally counter these symptoms, several natural remedies can be used. Such as syrups, hot drinks and gargles concocted from medicinal plants or foods.

Hot drinks and gargles

To prepare hot drinks, different foods and natural ingredients are used. They are easily available in supermarkets.

The hot drink prepared from lemon:

This hot drink quickly reduces the intensity of sore throat. We add a little honey to it and mix everything with a teaspoon.

Lemon contains flavonoids. They are antioxidants, hence its ability to reduce throat inflammation. As for honey, it is an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial. This is because of its low protein concentration, low pH, and texture.

The salt gargle:

It’s a simple solution. There is a teaspoon of salt for 250 ml of boiling water. It can be used every 2 or 3 hours once the mixture has cooled down. Salt exhibits antibacterial activity. So it can limit the proliferation of bacteria that cause sore throats.

The soda ash gargle:

Baking soda kills the bacteria that cause sore throats. It is a product that does not present any danger to health. It is the traditional alternative to salt gargle.

homemade syrups

For soothe cough associated with sore throat, homemade syrups can be used. Syrups are prepared with foods and plants.

The syrup prepared from the onion:

Onion is a powerful antioxidant. It stimulates the body’s natural defenses. It is also an antibacterial. As a preparation, 6 chopped white onions and half a cup of honey are simmered in a bain-marie. We wait two hours. Then, the mixture is passed through a sieve to collect the syrup.

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The clove syrup:

Clove can numb the pain. Thus, it soothes cough and sore throat.

To prepare it, let macerate in the refrigerator in 250 ml of honey 5 or 6 cloves. We wait for a whole night. The cloves are removed the next day in order to obtain and consume the syrup.

eucalyptus and sage

Sage and eucalyptus help to relieve throat inflammation.

Eucalyptus contains eucalyptol. Hence its many medical effects. Eucalyptus can be used internally and externally.

Internal use:

  • Infusion : 2 to 3 g of dried leaves are infused in 150 ml of boiling water for 10 minutes. We drink two cups a day.
  • Inhalation : You can use a diffuser. You can also pour 4 to 6 drops of essential oil into 150 ml of boiling water. Then, we cover the head with a towel and then inhale the vapors of the preparation. The inhalation is repeated up to three times a day.
  • Dyeing : We just take twice a day 10 to 15 ml. The fluid extract is taken twice a day in 2 to 3 ml.

The use of essential oil orally requires the consultation of an aromatherapist. The daily dose is between 0.3 to 0.6 ml.

External use:

  • Friction: 15 to 20 drops of essential oil are poured into 25 ml of vegetable oil. The mixture is rubbed three times a day on the chest.
  • Gargle: 2 to 3 g of dried leaves are infused for 10 minutes in 100 ml of boiling water. The preparation is filtered and cooled. Gargle or rinse your mouth two to three times a day with the preparation.

Sage treats the oral mucosa and theinflammation of the airways. It contains polyphenolic compounds. Hence its antioxidant activity which can contribute to the regulation of the immune system.

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Sage is used as a gargle 3 times a day. To prepare it, infuse 2 to 3 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of water. You can also infuse 100 ml of water with 5 ml of liquid extract.


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