What are the privileges of eutony on health?

Eutony consists in harmonizing, in balancing, in putting in good relations the mind and the body. In fact, it is a practice of bodily hygiene. This approach allows the brain to access all the muscles in order to be able to manage everything. That is to say, to be able to manage the tensions, the emotions, even the movements, the position and the gestures of the body. In other words, it serves to give bodily and spiritual balance. It’s about restoring tone to your body. It is based on observation and listening to sensations.

Understand the history of eutony

It is through the work of Gerda Alexander between 1940 and 1980 that eutony finds its existence in Denmark. It’s a medicinal method unconventional. According to the stories, when she was very young, she was stricken with heart trouble and articular rheumatism. At first, she threw herself into music, but in the end, her illness pulled her to another destination. To alleviate her illnesses, she developed her own relaxation technique. So, this is where the genesis of eutony comes from. Nowadays, this technique is spreading all over the world thanks to training centers and schools.

From a therapeutic point of view, why choose eutony?

I’eutony eliminates nervousness, migraines, stress, psychic exhaustion and lack of self-confidence. It optimizes flexibility (mental and physical), well-being personal, autonomy, capacity for expression and communication. It promotes the development of sensitivity and personality.

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It can be used in cases of depression, learning difficulties, anxiety, locomotor disorders (osteoarthritis), neurological (neuromuscular pathologies). She can fight against neuro-vegetative disorders such as circulatory, digestive and respiratory problems. It improves the quality of sleep, relieves back pain, settles migraines and treats joint problems. It prevents and soothes unnecessary tension. It repairs the bad postures in particular with the rather long use of the computers.

How to take advantage of all its virtues? Know the course of a session

Accessible to children, teenagers, adults and seniors, eutonie is aimed at all those who want to obtain a Iron health. In fact, its work possibilities are suitable for everyone. Through touch, the session consists of stimulating physical presence.

Alone or in a group, the sessions are adapted to the particular needs of the participants. Rich in verbal exchanges, the specialists also recommend the choice of an individual session. To better help patients, practitioners use more or less gentle exercises. Sometimes they even use certain materials such as chestnuts, balls of all sizes, bags of seeds or bamboo. All of this is essentially aimed at raising awareness of a part of the body and the sensations attributed to it. A session therefore includes a series of exercises that focus on the body, its movements and its sensations.


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