What are the therapeutic actions of Streptococcinum?

A remedy prepared by “Boiron Laboratories”, Streptococcinum is a microbial and homeopathic strain that comes from a culture of streptococci. In fact, we are talking here about a sample taken from the flora of a vertebrate, made up of bacteria called “streptococci”. These bacteria are made up of a set of ubiquitous microorganisms comprising different species (commensal, saprophytic and pathogenic). Responsible for many urinary, ENT or vaginal conditions, they come in the form of shells. The homeopathic extracts obtained from flora contaminated by these bacteria are then used to treat the various disorders just mentioned.

In which cases to use Streptococcinum?

A homeopathic strain, Streptococcinum regulates skin disorders, urinary, vaginal and respiratory. This medication prevents angina, rashes reminiscent of scarlet fever, lesion of the corner of the lips (angular cheilitis) and other sore throat. Its virtues are very effective in infectiology.

Recommended especially in case of:

  • Urinary tract disorders or infections where patients experience difficulty in urination.
  • Otitis or sinusitis(the sick person occasionally has sinusitis or inflammation of the ear).
  • Dermatological disorders where the patient has lesions in the skin manifested by impetigo, wounds or boils.

To cure diseases, how many pellets do you need?

Boiron homeopathic medicines such as Streptococcinum have the particularity of being able to treat multiple conditions. Therefore, it is difficult to determine a specific indication or prescription. Giving a precise dosage by drug is not an easy thing. Depending on the cases and the conditions of the patients, the health professional determines the dosage and the exact indication of the drug. Particularly based on sucrose and lactose, the tube contains 80 granules impregnated with the homeopathic dilution of Streptococcinum 9CH.

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Often presented and sold in the form of granules (4 g tube) or globule doses, here is the dosage of Streptococcinum:

  • 5 or 7 CH, 3 granules once or twice a day for scarlatiniform eruptions and white angina.
  • 9, 12 or 15 CH, at the rate of one dose/week as part of preventive care

Main indications of the three dilutions of Streptococcinum:

  • Low dilution (granules to be melted under the tongue two to three times a day: 4 or 5 CH. A dilution recommended in the event of occasional and acute disorders limited in time.
  • Medium dilution (to be taken from the onset until symptoms disappear: 7 or 9 CH).
  • High or high dilution (recommended for chronic cases that last over time. A dilution to be used once a fortnight or a week: 12 CH, 15 CH or 30 CH).


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