What are the therapeutic properties of Vipera Redi?

The homeopathic strain of Vipera Redi is prepared from the venom of the asp viper. It is a venomous snake from the Viperidae family. It is widely distributed in the scrublands of France, Switzerland and Italy.

From a descriptive point of view, it is impossible to give with precision the color of this snake. Indeed, each individual of each population each has a different background color that varies from light gray to olive green through brick red. To this background color are then added spots with geometric shapes and dark colors. This reptile experiences two to three molting periods in a year.

In terms of food, the asp viper diet consists mainly of mammals, reptiles and birds. When hunting, it uses its venom to immobilize and kill its prey. In humans, its bite can prove fatal if there is no rapid medical treatment. The main active agents of this venom are enzymes, amines, lipids as well as coagulating and hemolytic toxins.

Main indications in natural medicine

Vipera Redi is a homeopathic medicine used to treat pathologies affecting the circulatory system.

First, he excels in treatment of phlebitis and periphlebitis. In the treatment of these acute or chronic inflammatory diseases, this remedy helps relieve symptoms such as:

  • Edema formation
  • A feeling of crushing or bursting in the veins
  • Pains

Secondly, this medicine helps treat other venous disorders. We distinguish in particular purpuras, varicose veins, bruises or cyanosis.

Finally, in case of venous and lymphatic insufficiency, this medicine provides a feeling of lightness in cases of heavy legs, even during pregnancy. It should be noted that the modalities of aggravation are hanging legs and standing. On the other hand, the symptoms improve when the legs are elevated.

Method of administration and recommended dosage

Before each treatment, it is recommended to approach a specialist in homeopathy in order to benefit from a complete diagnosis. The homeopath then prescribes the dose of dilution as well as the galenic form to be adopted for each treatment. Obviously, despite identical symptoms, it is very likely that the details of the cure will differ depending on each person’s medical history.

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In the treatment of phlebitis, for example, doctors generally recommend at least 4 doses per day of a drug in 9 CH. Note that in this case, Vipera Redi must complement an allopathic treatment.

Furthermore, for treat phlebitis due to plaster castsa long trip or bed rest, the association with arnica is possible.

Finally, to deal with conditions affecting the veinsit is advisable to turn to doses in 5 CH with a frequency of intake of 2 to 3 times during the day.


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