What are the therapeutic qualities of edelweiss?

Edelweiss is an alpine plant producing a star-shaped flower covered with a light white woolly down. It belongs to the Asteraceae family and comes from Siberia. In the scientific field, it is called Leontopodium nivale subsp. Alpine. Because of its rarity, this plant is extremely protected. Picking is therefore difficult, even prohibited. Thus, nowadays, several pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are developing their own plantations to meet their needs. Silver Star also contains several bioactive agents. There are mainly tannins and flavonoids.

Main indications in herbal medicine

Edelweiss contains essential properties forskin care. Indeed, it has antiseptic, anti-infectious, softening and antioxidant activities. It is mainly involved in the context of care for mature, dry and damaged skin. It allows, among other things, to limit the damage caused by cellular aging. Thus, it avoids the early appearance of wrinkles. It also helps to have firm, toned skin free of all stretch marks. In dry skin, it promotes nutrition and hydration.

The Silver Star also participates in the skin protection. It is particularly useful in case of high exposure to external aggression agents. Examples include the sun, the cold, environmental pollution and climate change. In addition, she treats various skin conditions. In particular, those of viral or infectious origin. We distinguish eczema or psoriasis. Also, it promotes the healing process in case of wounds and various lesions, namely erythema and chapped skin.

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Finally, this medicinal plant helps to treat respiratory problems such as angina or cough. It also promotes digestion while preventing certain disorders. For example, diarrhea and inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

Galenic forms marketed

I’edelweiss can be in the form of herbal tea, glycerine extract, vegetable oil, cream, lotion, balm and floral elixir.

Usage tips

Herbal tea made from dried flowers:

In case of diarrhea or respiratory pathology, prepare an herbal tea by infusing 30 g of dried flower in 1 liter of boiling water. Drink 3 cups a day.

Glycerine extract:

Integrate the extract into cosmetic preparations: milk, cream, serum or gel. Apply to skin daily for results.

Vegetable oil or oily macerate:

For external use, to be used pure or in synergy with essential oil.

Cosmetic products: cream, lotion, gel and balm:

On clean, dry skin, apply a quantity of preparation twice a day to the parts to be treated. Rub gently to make the product penetrate. Regular use is recommended until the desired effect is achieved.

Flower elixir:

The elixir is ideal for people about to make an important decision in their lives. To take advantage of its virtues, take 3 to 4 drops of elixir 3 times a day.


I’use of edelweiss does not present any particular contraindication.


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