What are the therapeutic uses of Kalium Sulfuricum?

The homeopathic strain Kalium Sulfuricum is obtained from potassium sulphate. Its chemical formula is K2SO4.

In terms of physico-chemical properties, this compound is usually in the form of a solid salt or a crystalline powder. It is both colorless and odorless and has a bitter taste. It is also non-flammable and is water soluble.

In terms of usage, its most common use is in the agricultural industry. Indeed, the potassium sulphate is one of the major elements necessary for the development of a plant (NPK). Thus, it is mainly involved in the manufacture of fertilizers. As such, its main roles are:

  • Accumulation of nutrients in fruits and legumes
  • Improved plant resistance to disease and harsh weather conditions
  • Improved appearance and taste of fruit

Finally, because of its ability to regulate the acidity level, this compound is used marginally as a food additive.

What health problem can this drug solve?

Kalium Sulfuricum treats ENT, gynecological and dermatological disorders which are accompanied by thick secretions of greenish-yellow color. In the characteristic symptoms, no irritation is to be reported.

In terms of ENT, the main indications for this drug are inflammations occurring in the bronchi and nasopharynx. These inflammations may or may not be chronic. Moreover, it is also useful in case of presence of yellow coating that covers the tongue.

Still in the context of ENT pathologies, this remedy can treat wet coughs and catarrhs ​​which are at the end of their evolution.

On the gynecological level, it intervenes in the treatment of greenish or yellowish vulvar discharge.

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At the cutaneous level, its indications are:

  • Skin rashes with a discharge of pus
  • Eczema, impetigo and psoriasis with oozing and scaling

For all of these conditions, the conditions of aggravation are heat in a room. Symptoms tend to improve in fresh air.

When and how to take it?

In homeopathy, prescriptions turn to low and medium dilution drugs. In treatment for ENT conditions, take twice a day (morning and evening), 5 granules of Kalium Sulfuricum in 7 CH. Thereafter, it is advisable to space out the catches in case of improvement and to stop them once the disorders have disappeared.

For the dermatological problemstake 3 times a day, 3 granules of Kalium Sulfuricum in 5 CH.

In adults, the granules should be allowed to melt under the tongue. For infants, dilution in a glass of water is possible.

Finally, before starting a cure based on Kalium Sulfuricum, it is recommended to approach a specialist in homeopathy. Indeed, even if the signs are the same, the underlying reasons for these manifestations may be different. A medical prescription is therefore important in order to receive a complete diagnosis as well as appropriate medical treatment.


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