What are the therapeutic uses of oak?

Etymologically of Gallic origin, oak is found from the northeast to the southeast of French territory. The oak forest is also found in southern Quebec, in the warmer regions. Very resistant to disease, it can live for a millennium. It is above all its medicinal abilities that make it recognized in the traditional medical field.

From bark to fruit, nothing is lost in this majestic tree. the Oak is part of the large Fabaceae family and known by the scientific name: Quercus robur or Quercus pedunculata. With a very pronounced bitter taste, it is mainly composed of tannin.

All parts of the oak are exploitable. From the leaves to the bark, it is in demand for its haemostatic properties. It is effective against diarrhea, irritation and digestive problems.

The main indications in the use of oak

In internal use, it is excellent for soothe stomach ailments and for its antiseptic properties. In external use, the solution based on bark or oak leaves is excellent for treating skin diseases.

To do this, soak a sterile compress in the solution and dab the area. I’oak extract can reduce inflammation on mucous areas. It also heals dermatitis and superficial cracks.

Oak is great for curing infections and stopping its spread. It also helps to reduce hemorrhoid attacks. The older the tree, the more composition and richness needed for medicine. For a more general care, it is advisable to take a bath with the oak-based solution.

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In regular skin tanning, oak has been proven to protect against tuberculosis. In a water bath, it is effective in the medication of pulmonary tuberculosis by consumption.

Herbal uses of oak

In a water bath

Boil the equivalent of a good handshake of dried and crushed bark for each liter of water. Reduce to half and use hot in a bowl.

For showers of the mucous membranes, 15 g of dried preparation is more than enough for one liter of water.

For the compress

Take a tablespoon of dried bark and boil in half a liter of water for 15 minutes.

In herbal tea

Use sheets of Oak to infuse in a liter of red wine for gargles and angina problems. Adding honey is optional.

In decoction

Boil 5 g of firewood Oak dried in a liter of water for ten minutes. Take the solution at most 3 times a day, ideally during meals.

In infusion of acorns

Use about 30 gr of acorn powder for an infusion in a liter of water, to be taken after the meal. Acorn coffee follows the same proportion.


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