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The pine is a tree that finds its origins in Siberia and Eastern Europe. It grows almost everywhere but develops better in high altitudes. Belonging to the Pinaceae family, it is found in North America and Asia. From the Latin pinus, the pine has given several names to different types of trees (Pinus sylvestris, Pinus pinaster, Corsican pine laricio or Cembro pine).

About 20% of pines carpet the current European forest. the pine can reach on average, more than 20 m long and can live a good hundred years. The pine bud is the most used in the preparation of traditional medications. It is mainly made up of flavonoids, essential oil (monoterpenes) and oleoresins. It also contains a small amount of bornyl acetate, sesquiterpenes and vitamin C.

Auxin is the pine bud growth hormone. For outbreaks, the bud uses a hormone called gibberellin.

What are the medicinal properties of pine?

Internally, pine bud is sought for its antiseptic and antitussive effects. It is very effective against colds, bronchitis and various ailments related to the respiratory tract. It also helps with urinary tract infection care. Externally, the use of a balm made from pine leaf helps reduce pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis. A gargle of pine bud preparation cures laryngitis.

It is also a excellent anti-inflammatory and immunological stimulator. It reinforces the protection against bacterial infections and takes part in the physical and psychic tonicity. Pine actively participates in the strengthening and regeneration of bones, especially in cases of fractures. It is even recommended in the treatment of bone cancer.

How to use the pine?

No contraindication is mentioned in the use of pine. However, it can cause allergies. Generally, it is used in infusion, inhalation, macerate, essential oil, balm or decoction. The dosages differ depending on the preparations.

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In decoction

  • For internal use, boil the equivalent of 25 grams of pine bud in 1L of water for 3 minutes. Infuse 10 min. Filter the preparation and add honey according to your tastes.
  • For external use, boil 60 grams of pine bud per liter of water for 5 minutes. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes. This preparation is ideal for reduce vaginal discharge and mucosal infections.

Take 1 cup of the preparation during the day.

In syrup

Macerate 60 grams of pine bud in 50 grams of brandy for at least one hour. Put this preparation in a liter of already boiled water, then macerate for another 6 hours. Then, sweeten this new preparation and filter to obtain the syrup. Take 4 tbsp of the preparation during the day.


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