What are the therapeutic uses of ribwort plantain?

There is a very wide variety of plantain spread around the world. Used for centuries for its medicinal properties, the ribwort plantain is native to the American continent. It spreads to the four corners of the globe, and grows in almost all types of soil. Most of the plantain trees found on the market come from Europe.

Belonging to the large Plantaginaceae family, the lanceolate plantain is commonly known by the scientific name Plantago major or Plantago lanceolata. In the field of phytotherapy, the plant can be in the form of an infusion, capsule, macerate, or even in decoction. Fresh leaves and seeds are the most popular. The sap and roots are valued for their vitamin and tannin content.

The plant is essentially composed of carbohydrates and flavonoid principle. Plantain also consists of zinc, phenolic acids and esters.

The benefits of ribwort plantain

For internal use, the ribwort plantain is prized for its ability to reduce bacterial proliferation and inflammation. It is very effective in the treatment of irritations of the respiratory tract. It acts against bronchitis and oral problems with an expectorant effect. Its aucubigenin composition promotes antibacterial effects. But since this hormone disintegrates at a certain temperature, it is advisable to use cold preparations.

The medicinal faculties of plantain leaves promote decongestion of the eyes. The seeds have softening properties thanks to their composition rich in mucilage. Externally, lanceolate plantain can be gargled or juiced to reduce itching caused by insect bites and abscesses. In addition, as a bandage or poultice, it quickly heals wounds and cracks.

In cosmetics, plantain seeds are appreciated for their moisturizing and restorative properties. They are present in various beauty and skin care products.

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Contraindications and side effects

The plantain products are not recommended for pregnant women. In some cases, the plant can have laxative and stimulant effects.

Dosage of ribwort plantain in herbal medicine

In infusion

Take 1 to 2 grams of dried plantain and infuse in 150 mL of boiling water for 10 minutes. Do not exceed four cups a day. In mother tincture, take about two cups of this preparation per day. At a rate of 7 mL.

In maceration

Take 1-2 grams of dried plantain and put in 150 mL of cold water. Leave to macerate for 2 hours. Stir regularly and filter everything. The preparation can be used as a gargle or poultice.

fresh use

For reduce itchingtake fresh leaves, crush and place directly on insect bites.


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