What are the uses of Kalium Iodatum in homeopathy?

The origin of the homeopathic strain of Kalium Iodatum is potassium iodide. It is an inorganic compound that occurs as white crystals. In the presence of impure substances or quite simply under the effect of aging, it adopts a yellowish colour. Its chemical formula is KI.

In terms of food, this compound is a food supplement for livestock as well as for humans. In the latter, it is mainly used to fill the iodine intake in people who consume less seafood.

On the pharmaceutical level, the properties of saturated solutions of potassium iodide or SSKI are mainly exploited. These solutions are then used in the treatment of respiratory disorders or erythema nodosum associated with Crohn’s disease. It should be added that this compound belongs to the list of essential medicines of the WHO (World Health Organization). Nevertheless, for each cure, it is necessary to respect the prescribed doses in order to prevent undesirable effects. We cite, for example, acne, fever, nausea, cardiac arrhythmia, numbness of the extremities or lack of appetite.

Main indications in natural medicine

Kalium Iodatum in ENT:

At the level of the ENT sphere, this homeopathic remedy makes it possible to treat cases of inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes. These cases include the common cold, acute rhinitis, and allergic rhinitis. The main manifestations of these conditions are:

  • Profuse, burning, itchy discharge from the eyes and nose
  • Redness and irritation in the eyes and nose
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This medication also treats sinusitis which is accompanied by facial neuralgia. This is a complicated form of rhinitis. The runny nose adopt a greenish color. The root of the nose and the bones of the face become sore and sensitive.

Finally, its other indications on the ENT plan are laryngitis as well as various eye conditions. We distinguish, among other things, the inflammation of the iris and the cornea. It is also useful in case of goiter which has the same symptoms as hyperthyroidism.

Kalium Iodatum in rheumatology:

In the treatment of rheumatic attacksthis homeopathic remedy helps reduce bone pain that occurs at night.

It can also be used to treat certain cases of neuralgia, including:

  • Sciatica
  • Neuralgia of the face
  • Arnold’s neuralgia: disease that results from compression or irritation of the greater occipital nerve. Symptoms are headaches, dizziness, pain in the spine and headaches with pain spreading to the eye.

Concerning the characteristic affections of this remedy, the modalities of aggravation are the night, the heat and the humid wind. Conditions for improvement are fresh air and movement.

Methods of administration and usual dosage

For rheumatism and respiratory conditions (colds, sinusitis), it is advisable to opt for granules in 5 to 7 CH.

In treatment for various cases of neuralgia, the dilution of drugs is 7 to 15 CH.

Regarding the dosage, you must take 3 granules at the rate of 3 doses during the day.


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