What are the values ​​of Helonias dioica in homeopathy?

Helonias dioica is a homeopathic medicine derived from the underground part of the plant of the same name. This plant belongs to the Liliopsida botanical class and comes mainly from wetlands in North America and Florida. In French, it is called hélonias or even unicorn root.

Botanically, the height of the plant is between 0.3 and 0.9 m. Its flowers are relatively small and have a color in white and green tones.

From a biochemical point of view, unicorn root is rich in saponins. These are responsible for the great medicinal properties of the plant. In alternative medicine, it turns out to be very popular, especially by the female sex. Moreover, in the past, the Navajo Indians used it to treat dysmenorrhea.

Why use this homeopathic solution?

With Helonias dioica, homeopathy provides a real solution to various gynecological problems. Indeed, this remedy acts mainly on the female genitalia.

First, it allows treat pelvic congestion. It soothes, among other things, the pain and uterine heaviness that often accompany this condition. Then, this medicine is also useful for treating mental concerns centered on the uterus. In some women, in fact, it is not uncommon for the obsession developed with regard to this organ to lead to psychological problems. Mention is made in particular of depression, nervous asthenia, irritability and a wave of melancholy.

Helonias dioica also excels in the vaginal yeast infection treatment. In addition, it is useful in the event of the appearance of abnormal losses: white, lumpy, smelly and irritating. This is also the case in case of itching or irritation.

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In case of menstrual problemsit regulates the menstrual cycle and alleviates the feeling of exhaustion that often goes hand in hand with abnormally heavy bleeding.

Finally, this medicine helps maintain intimate hygiene during and outside periods of menstruation. Also, the symptoms are likely to worsen in the event of intense effort or hormonal disturbance during puberty, pregnancy, the postpartum period and menopause.

When and how to administer it?

In the treatment of gynecological conditionsthe homeopathic doctor often prescribes granules at low dilution.

As a remedy against vaginal mycoses, take 5 granules in 5 CH in the morning and evening.

For treat leucorrhoea with a white clotted and malodorous discharge, take 3 times a day, 5 pellets in 9 CH.

For menstrual problems with intense fatigue, take 3 granules in 5 CH in the morning and evening. And, for uterine pain and descent of the uterus, it is recommended to apply the same dosage.

As for the treatment to be adopted for depression, it is advisable to take a dose of 15 CH per week.

If no improvement is seen or if symptoms worsen after a cure of Helonias dioicait is wise to contact a doctor or a specialist in homeopathy before renewing the intake.


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