What are the virtues offered by the essential oil of Virginia cedar?

The Virginia cedar is a tree that has a long lifespan and an imposing appearance. Its merits are not attributed solely to its size or its longevity. Once transformed into essential oil, the latter reveals remarkable virtues. Virginia cedar essential oil contains compounds such as sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenes. It is used to perform many treatments.

What does this essential oil contain?

the Virginia cedar wood Where Juniperus virginiana contains active compounds. I’Essential oil based on this wood therefore incorporates many properties:

  • It is used in the field of health for its powers: anti-inflammatorydecongestant and antiseptic. Thanks to its compounds, it better ensures the blood regulation ;
  • Its composition in sesquiterpenes gives it an antiparasitic action;
  • It has an anti-dandruff action and helps to tone the hair better;
  • It acts as a blood thinner;
  • Thanks to its richness in sesquiterpene ketonesit alters fatty substances and has a lipolytic property;
  • Virginia cedar essential oil also contains thuyopseneallowing it to be invigorating and energizing;
  • It contains cedrol, a compound that acts as a natural sedative.

Virginia cedar oil, for what use?

There are different possible situations to use this oil:

  • For your well-being, you can use it to reduce your cellulite or to bring you a healthy glow. It is also used to repair your broken hair or in case of oily hair;
  • It is ideal to boost your body in case of fatigue and to immunize it against external aggressions;
  • It treats many infections such as shingles or the flu;
  • It remedies a poor blood circulation ;
  • Endowed with a regenerating property, it helps you to have a quality skin. It is therefore suitable for treating certain skin conditions such as dermatosis.
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How to use this product?

In general, the mode of use of the essential oil of Virginia cedar varies according to the symptoms treated:

  • To treat dermatological problems, hemorrhoids or circulatory disorders, skin application is essential. However, avoid using it pure. For a better dosage of your mixture, use 20% of this oil with 80% of a vegetable oil ;
  • It is also applied to the skin to treat cellulite;
  • In case of anxiety or fatigue, it is possible to take advantage of its benefits by diffusion or by olfaction. You can also inhale it;
  • It is used orally, only after consulting a therapist.

Some recommendations for the use of this product

To effectively use theVirginia cedar oilcertain recommendations must be followed:

  • Be careful not to use it pure on the skin. Indeed, it may cause certain allergies or irritate your skin;
  • Try not to put it on the ears or around the eyes;
  • Its application is dangerous in babies under 6 months and during the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • Remember to always take medical advice before applying it and using it during your 4th month of pregnancy. The same applies to a child under the age of 12;
  • The people with epilepsy or people with mastosis, kidney disease should not use it;

The use of the oil orally always requires medical advice.


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