What changes in the sex life of men from the age of 40

Over the years, the body of man undergoes changes related to his age. These usual alterations are usually both physical and hormonal. After 40 years, a man begins to experience more remarkable and significant changes. Especially in his sex life.

After their forties, men feel that they don’t have the same sexual desire and the same power as a few years ago. It’s something completely normal, but one that causes anxiety and worry.

● Appearance of andropause

This is a normal cycle in men, just like in postmenopausal women. From the age of 40, the first symptoms of andropause appear. The production of testosterone is reduced, but it is the essential hormone that stimulates sexual desire.
Therefore, a decrease in sexual appetite is one of the side effects of this male phase.

● Consequences of stress

Around the age of 40, this is the age when men face various daily routine problems, which generate high levels of stress. This, in turn, decreases male sexual appetite.
The only solution is to take things little by little and not let yourself be influenced by family, social or professional life, in particular thanks to breathing, meditative practices, some anti-stress food supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

● low self-esteem

Although it does not happen to all men, it is common that at this stage of your life, you tend to lose your self-esteem. The hormonal drop you are feeling causes you to inhibit yourself and experience great physical and emotional insecurity.
This is an effect of andropause that causes alterations in hormones.

● Erectile dysfunction

There is no doubt that this is one of the main causes of changes in the sex life of men after 40 years. At this age, erection is not as simple as in young people. The reasons can be psychological, neurological, hormonal, etc.

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Changes in male sex life are absolutely normal. It is always possible to be accompanied medically or by other complementary and natural approaches to regain self-confidence and regain a satisfactory quality of sexual life.


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