What do you need to know about camelina oil?

Known by its common name camelina, bastard flax, small flax, German sesame, camelina oil comes from the camelina plant. Its botanical family is Brassicaceae and its botanical name is Camelina sativa. Coming from France, small flax is extracted from the seeds of the plant.

Properties of camelina oil

Camelina oil has special organoleptic properties. These may change depending on the conditions of oil production. It differs depending on the country, sunshine, organic production, etc.

In general, the color of German sesame is golden yellow. The oil smells of fresh grass, close to asparagus, kohlrabi for some. Its texture is fluid. In terms of taste, the oil has a vegetable taste close to asparagus. Its taste is reminiscent of almonds.

Composition of camelina oil

There is in the German sesame fatty acids and different kinds of vitamins. This composition remains the best when the oil obtained is extra-virgin since it will be cold pressed. It also changes according to the manufacturing conditions.

Fatty acid composition

Monounsaturated fatty acidscamelina oil include 30% oleic and gadoleic acids or omega 9. Polyunsaturated fatty acids include 30-35% alpha linolenic acid or omega 3, 20-30% linoleic acid or omega 6. And, saturated fatty acids of the oil include 5-10% palmitic acids. The vitamins in the oil are vitamins E or alpha-tocopherol, phytosterols and provitamins A.

Ways to use camelina oil

By dermal application, you can use German sesame as an anointing, massage or local application. With some essential oilsthis vegetable oil will be all the more effective in external application.

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It is also possible touse the linen internally. Orally, you have to take a few doses only. But before consuming, remember to take into account the precautions for consuming the oil. Even consult a doctor if necessary.

Cosmetic aspect of camelina oil

German sesame is antioxidant, nourishing, regenerating, restorative, softening, soothing and emollient.

If you have fragile, sensitive or redness-prone skin, camelina oil will be your ally. This oil is good for the skin.

Its vitamin E composition makes it an outstanding anti-free radical. Mature skin greatly appreciates this oil.

Main benefits

Many are the benefits of camelina oil. For dermatological problems and hair problemsoil is recommended.

To ensure good health, camelina oil helps prevent certain diseases. It is so with cardiovascular disordersAlzheimer’s disease, cognitive disorders, risk of stroke, formation of blood clots,

Le petit lin also offers a good emotional balance. You will have a good resistance to stress. By using German sesame, you can reduce heartbeat irregularities. Without forgetting to note that the oil makes it possible to rebalance the ratio between omega 6 and omega 3. At the level of intestinal transit, the oil has regulating effects.


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