What do you need to know about the low glycemic index diet?

To lose weight, there are various diets available to individuals. Among them, a new diet has recently emerged. This is the low glycemic index diet, developed by a dietitian and a food engineer.

What is a low glycemic index diet?

The low glycemic index diet is a diet based on the base value of foods. Also known as the low GI diet, it includes foods with a low GI value.

This scheme aims to reduce blood sugar levels. This avoids the transformation and storage of sugar in fatty tissue. There is no risk of storing bad fat. Weight loss is possible in this case. We also avoid different kinds of diseases by following a diet with a low glycemic index. This is the case with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc. The diet will regulate the level of sugar in the body to ensure its proper functioning.

How does this diet work?

There are two phases included in how a low GI diet works. First, the first phase is that of the starter. This phase will last between 15 to 30 days at most. During this time, whoever wants to follow the diet must consume only low GI foods. We then continue with the second phase of the low glycemic index diet. It is a question of continuing to eat mostly low GI foods. However, foods with a moderate GI are gradually added to the diet.

During both phases, avoid consuming foods with a high glycemic index. Otherwise, learn to consume it only exceptionally with other foods that can lower their glycemic load by less than 80 units. It should be noted that this diet must be accompanied by other approaches. For example, you have to do physical activities, manage stress, listen to your body, etc.

What foods for a low glycemic index diet?

In one low glycemic index diet, there are no major dietary restrictions. No food is prohibited. It is simply a matter of combining foods together to achieve a low GI. It is the association of foods that will guide consumption. You are going to put together a menu containing many types of low GI foods.


However, there is a list of foods to choose from. Those are :

  • Whole grains
  • The green vegetables
  • Raw unprocessed fruits
  • oilseeds
  • Spices
  • Mineral water

If you want losing weight, some foods should be eaten in moderation. Foods to moderate are:

  • Sugars
  • White flours
  • Potatoes
  • sugary drinks
  • The alcohol
  • Coffee

For a low glycemic index diet, the method of cooking the food must be taken into account. Prefer steam cooking.


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