What does the treatment with the shiatsu technique consist of?

Shiatsu uses touch, palpation and massage. It provides self-regulation of the human body and improvement of its condition. It is a relaxation technique that stems from traditional Chinese medicine. A complementary therapy that above all optimizes the well-being, comfort, serenity and fulfillment of each person. It is indicated to restore the general balance of energy. Indeed, its principle is based on the energy flows present in the body (energy regulation). The objective is to release the energies to allow the body to regain stability (emotional, intellectual, bodily). A form of acupuncture that does not necessarily require the intervention of a medical specialist. Anyone with a certain know-how and having followed a particular training in shiatsu can practice it.

Is it a method inspired by TCM?

A wellness massage or relaxation, shiatsu is also used as a therapeutic massage. It basically facilitates the flow of energy. It is a manual therapy that is inspired in particular by Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Japan, this discipline has been gaining momentum since the 1950s. In Japanese, this word shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”. For this type of massage, masseurs mainly use the palms of the hands and the thumbs.

Shiatsu and its multiple health benefits

With manual approaches, the shiatsu takes care of all bodily disorders, whether physical or intellectual. Indeed, it relieves several symptoms of a gynecological, rheumatological, respiratory, digestive, urinary, psychosomatic order… This technique shows its effectiveness in case of sleep disorders, nervous depression and insomnia.

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It develops self-confidence, autonomy and different abilities (mental, emotional, physical, expression and communication). Shiatsu removes tension, ambient stress, melancholy, depression, fatigue and all types of anxiety. It calms joint, lumbar and muscle pain. It optimizes lymphatic flow, fights against constipation and reduces pain related to painful periods. Thus, he treats the musculoskeletal problems such as strains, sprains, carpal tunnel and algodystrophies. It also enters the ENT sphere to treat ear infectionsrhinitis, sinusitis and nasopharyngitis.

How to practice shiatsu?

Shiatsu is performed by pressure and stretching on certain reflex zones of the body. It is also practiced on an individual dressed in light and flexible clothing. With this wellness and relaxation therapy, there is no age limit. It is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their organic health or maintain a perfect level of psychic well-being. The frequency and number of sessions required vary according to the disorders to be treated. It also depends on the specific needs of each person. In general, a massage session lasts about an hour in a seated, lying or standing position.

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