What exercises to have perfect abs?

How to have perfect abs

The abdominals are muscles located in the middle of the body, which extend from the thorax to the upper edge of the pelvis. Muscles of posture par excellence and essential for sheathing the trunk, the abdominals are especially popular because they reveal the aesthetics of a healthy lifestyle: low body fat and exemplary physical condition.

This article reveals all the secrets to building perfect abs.

How to work the abs?

To have visible abs, you have to train them like any other muscle. Do not try to do excessively long series in order to dry them faster, it is a strategy that does not work. Instead, try to strengthen them by making them thicker.

For thick abs, choose sets of 10 to 15 reps (ideally with a load). If you want to accentuate the definition of the abdominal strap, take rest times of less than 30 seconds between sets.

Make some slow and controlled movements, smoothly, to maximize the intensity of the contraction.

Know that he is not no need to work on a large amplitude. A movement of 30° from the horizontal is sufficient.

Keep the head in alignment with the cervical spine. If you want to place your hands behind your head, don’t use them to help you do the movement. You would progress more slowly and could even injure yourself.

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Never put your back on the floor during a series. Abdominal tension should be continuous.

Don’t forget toinhale while descending and D’exhale vigorously while going up.

What exercises for the abdominals?

The crunch

The crunch is the basic exercise for having rock solid abs. It takes place on the ground.

In the initial position, you are on your back. Your legs are bent, feet flat on the ground, resting on a bench, or legs stretched out at right angles.
Place your hands behind your neck (not crossed behind your head!) and pull your chest up looking at the ceiling.
The lower back and glutes remain against the floor throughout the exercise, only the shoulder blades and shoulders lift off the mat.

The leg raises

Sit-ups target the lower abdominal area, below the navel.

In the initial position, you are suspended from a pull-up bar or with your elbows resting on a Roman chair.
Raise your pelvis (not your legs!) by rolling it towards you, so that your knees, bent, reach the height of your lower bust.
It is not recommended to perform this exercise with your legs straight because the psoas muscle is then too involved and risks causing you back pain.

The V-UP

It is a simultaneous crunch and leg lift.

In the initial position, you are lying on the ground, legs straight and arms stretched above your head.
At the end of the movement, your hands should touch the balls of your feet.

The plank on the ground

Resting on the elbows, legs straight and resting on tiptoes, the plank is a static exercise where the goal is to maintain this posture for a defined period of time.

The plank can be practiced with support on both elbows, but also on the sides, unilaterally, to better target the oblique muscles.

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Generally speaking, plank exercises are most effective when incorporated into an abdominal exercise routine like crunches. The combination of the two types of effort helps keep the stomach flat.


Popular on social networks, roulette is a very effective sheathing exercise that very effectively recruits the transverse muscle, but also the rectus abdominis and the obliques.

It is therefore one of the most complete abdominal exercises, since it moves the deep and superficial muscles, and the lower and upper areas of the rectus abdominis.

How to do abs at home?

How to build abs as quickly as possible?

Regularity is the key word when it comes to abdominal work. Like all muscles, they will need some time to adapt and get stronger.

Nevertheless, it is useful to know that the abs are involved in many poly-articular bodybuilding movements such as the squat, the deadlift or the military press for the shoulders. If you are a regular at weight rooms, you will have to use all the tricks to succeed in recruiting them even more.

For quick results, do ab circuits on day two, interspersed with HIIT cardio sessions to mobilize even more fat. Because visible abs are dry abs!

How to do your abs well?

indoors or at home, take care to warm up before doing your abs session. A few leg raises, chest and shoulder rotations will help you better irrigate the muscles and prevent you from hurting yourself.

After your session, do some stretching to relax the psoas and hip flexors.

How to draw your abs?

In terms of nutrition, you will have to burn fat to hope to obtain the famous six-pack. A diet richer in protein and fiber, reduced in carbohydrates and balanced in fatty acids will help you have all the macronutrients for health and performance. In addition, use fat burners to increase your daily calorie expenditure, especially during training.

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For more benefits in your HIIT workouts, use l-carnitine in addition to CLA to better target stored fat throughout the body, and specifically in the abdominal area.

How to do abs for a woman?

In the same way, men will have to take care to tuck in the stomach well in order to recruit the transverse muscle, this crucial muscle which keeps the stomach flat.

How to have perfect abs?

Regularity, food discipline and motivation will allow you to strengthen and shape your abs, as well as your whole body! The work of the abdominals is necessary to benefit from a better posture, mobility and longevity because they are located in the center of our body. The posture, the sheathing of the trunk and its stability go through strong abdominals. Also, a gesture as simple as tucking in your belly is only possible with sufficiently sheathed abdominals.

To have clearly visible abs, train them regularly and also do cladding exercises. Combine your sports program with a healthy, low-carb diet, optimized by fat-burning food supplements to multiply daily calorie expenditure.

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