What food plan to improve your performance?

Improve your sports performance

As you have seen in our article “Success factors for improving performance”, there are 5 physical abilities in the world of sport. In bodybuilding, strength and endurance are the two main qualities, which lead to muscle building and definition. In both cases, food is of great importance, since everything starts from calories and their distribution. Depending on what you bring to your body, it will be able, or not, to develop these qualities. Discover our food programs to become stronger or more enduring.

The food plan to get stronger

Eating well to become stronger, what could be more natural?

But what to eat to have more strength? Be aware that strength training requires a significant calorie intake, because these efforts consume a lot of ATP (the energy molecule par excellence).

The ratio between macronutrients should be as follows :
– 60% carbohydrates,
– 30% protein
– 10% lipids.

Foods to eat to build strength

The proteins

White meats (chicken, turkey, veal), lean red meats (beef, horse, ostrich and game), fish and eggs are the preferred sources of protein. Try to eat red meat at least once a day. Its richness in creatine makes it a first line food to stimulate strength. Consume about 25g of protein per meal.

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Opt for carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, which provide energy over a long period without a drop in performance: the blood sugar level remains stable and hypoglycaemia is thus avoided. Brown rice, sweet potato, oat flakes, spelled and quinoa are best for developing strength. Consume about 300g of carbohydrates per day.


Lipids are important because they stabilize glucose levels and also provide energy, which is not stored as fat as easily as carbohydrates. Choose vegetable oils such as olive oil, canola oil, walnut oil or sesame oil.

Food supplements to get stronger

Food supplements are, as their name suggests, intended to accompany food. They optimize and complete it. Food supplements that boost strength are:
– Creatine
– Gainers
– Vitamins and minerals

Creatine is the dietary supplement to use first when looking to develop strength. It promotes the saturation of muscle fibers with ATP, creatine phosphate, water and glycogen.

Nutritional program to develop strength

The food plan to become more enduring

Foods to eat to build endurance

The proteins

Animal proteins are necessary for hypertrophy and hypertrophy increases endurance capabilities. Opt for lean meats such as chicken, turkey, veal, fish such as hake, cod or salmon, and eggs. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids. Red fibers are more sensitive to fatty acids, which they manage to better metabolize to produce energy. The egg is undoubtedly the most important source of protein when practicing endurance sports. Consume approximately 30g of assimilable protein per meal.

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Carbohydrates mainly provide energy to white fibers, but the latter participate in the development of endurance by hypertrophying. However, be careful not to consume too many carbohydrates, which will make you heavier and less enduring. Consume about 100g of carbohydrates spread over the dayfrom the following sources: sweet potato, brown rice, oats or quinoa.


Fats are the most effective source of energy for building endurance. They are rarely stored as fat and the slow fibers (red) metabolize them very well to provide energy. Eat oilseeds (almonds, walnuts) as snacks between meals. Also, season your plates with olive, rapeseed, walnut or sesame oil.

Food supplements that improve endurance

Fat burners contain active ingredients that mobilize stored fat. Once mobilized, they are used as fuel to supply muscle fibers with energy. All fat burners improve muscle endurance.

– Vitamin and mineral complexes
– Omega 3
– L-Carnitine
– MCTs
– fat burners
– Whey protein

Nutritional program to improve endurance

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