What foods are good for hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is summarized by the inability of the thyroid gland to manufacture thyroid hormones. The consequences of this disease are often defined by an unexpected and mysterious overweight. This discomfort largely promotes the development of edema. To naturally stabilize this disorder, it is necessary to monitor your diet, especially caloric intake. Because having healthy nutrition can play a role in boosting thyroid function. Indeed, it is essential to maintain a good thyroid balance and to facilitate treatments. Then you need to know all the hypothyroid-friendly foods and how to incorporate them into your ratio.

Fight hypothyroidism: revise your diet

When we say :” hypothyroidism friendly foods », we must in particular look intelligently at the choice of products that we are about to swallow. In principle, you should favor fresh, minimally processed foods with a slightly low glycemic index. To better guide you, here are our tips: opt for a anti-inflammatory dietavoid raw vegetables, adopt gentle cooking, take a Quinton plasma cure, treat all your illnesses (iron anemia, digestive disorders, etc.), do not take tobacco, regulate your blood pressure, have fun and relax. you as much as possible.

What foods are good for hypothyroidism?

First, you have to prioritize thediet rich in iodine (which participates in the synthesis of vitamins and selenium) and omega 3. Then favor foods with a high trace element content, and finally, prefer dishes that contain a large amount of minerals. One lack of iodine intake can create or accentuate hypothyroidism.

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Here is a whole suggestion offoods to eat in case of hypothyroidism : seafood, fatty or lean fish, seaweed, shellfish, crustaceans, oysters, liver, offal, cocoa, wheat germ, spices, Brazil nuts, egg yolks eggs, all meats, seeds (gluten free), iodized salts, shellfish, lobster, aromatic herbs and all organic foods. Feel free to add them to your diet.

Hypothyroidism, Supplements and Foods to Avoid or Moderate

Cruciferous or cabbage such as cauliflower, collard greens, kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts; rapeseed oil; radish, turnip, spinach; millet; pastries ; selenium supplements; hot dogs; butters; the sauces ; salad dressings; breads; alcohol, beer; and refined sugars are not hypothyroid friendly foods. People who have this disease should not take it. Dairy products, coffee, green tea, soy (milk, tofu…), fruits such as strawberries or peaches, sweets, biscuits and cereals can be consumed but in a reduced quantity.


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