What health problems can Manganum address?

The Manganum homeopathic strain is prepared from manganese. It is an essential trace element for the proper functioning of the human body. Moreover, the latter contains up to 20 mg distributed in the pancreas, kidneys and liver.

Within the human body, this trace element contributes to the production of insulin and promotes the metabolism of amino acids. It also exerts a protective activity with the bone mass.

A manganese deficiency leads to skin disorders and blood abnormalities. In order to avoid these disorders, it is therefore necessary to ensure a daily intake of 2.5 mg for women and 2.8 mg for men. For this, the foods to favor are:

  • Cereals: oatmeal, raw wheat semolina, muesli, raw wholemeal pasta
  • Nuts
  • Fruits and vegetables: raw spinach, raspberry, blackberry, fresh pineapple, raw white bean
  • Molluscs: raw scallops, raw mussels
  • Black or green tea

It should be noted that theexcess manganese can lead to the appearance of certain disorders. We cite in particular a delay in school for children and Parkinson’s disease for adults.

Properties and uses in homeopathy

Manganum and the ENT sphere:

On the ENT level, this homeopathic remedy makes it possible to treat inflammation of the larynx. In particular, it helps to improve symptoms such as colds or coughs. In its chronic form, laryngitis can lead to pain in the ears.

At the children with coldsManganum is effective in the treatment of otitis and tubal catarrh.

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Other indications of this remedy are tinnitus and cases of asthma due to allergy to down and feathers.

Manganum in rheumatology and neurology:

In rheumatology, the main indication for this drug is attacks of rheumatism, especially those that affect the small joints. It is also useful in case of rheumatic nodosities, rheumatoid purpura and hardening of the peri-articular tissues. His others uses in rheumatology are erythema with the presence of subcutaneous knots and pain at tendon insertions.

In the field of neurology, it treats drug parkinsonian syndrome.

For conditions of the type manganum, the conditions of aggravation are cold, humidity and night. Pathological signs improve when lying down.

Recommendations for administration and usual dosage

Generally, the treatment of chronic pathologies as well as field treatments require a long cure time. Regarding the dilutions to use, they are 7 to 9 CH.

During the acute ENT conditions, homeopaths prescribe a close intake of 3 pellets in 5 to 7 CH. For children with colds, take medicine in 9 CH once a day over the long term.

Finally, for reduce pain from tendon insertions, it is recommended to associate Manganum with Symphytum. Regarding the dosage, it is necessary to consult in order to have the opinion of a specialist in homeopathy.


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