What is a balanced breakfast?


What is a balanced breakfast?

It’s not a rumor, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
But how do you choose the right foods? How to transform this meal into an effective solution to lose weight or stabilize it? What is a balanced breakfast?

Why you shouldn’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it is the one that is most easily sacrificed. Lack of time, lack of appetite, a coffee and let’s go!

What happens when you skip a meal?

We get up in the morning after going at least 7 or 8 hours without eating. It is therefore important to fill up with the right nutrients in order to provide the body with the energy it needs to start the day.
When you skip a meal, or go longer hours without eating, the body goes into “survival” mode: it slows down the metabolism, consumes less energy and burns fewer calories. When foods are subsequently reintroducedthey are partly stored as fat. This storage of calories from meals spaced too far apart is a natural reflex: the body anticipates a new famine. and puts energy aside “just in case”.

The importance of breakfast when you want to lose weight

Did you know that people who don’t skip breakfast tend to eat less at the end of the day and especially in the evening? And, converselypeople who skip breakfast are more likely to snack and consume highly palatable foods : salty, sweet and fatty. Breakfast is therefore a meal to be built with the utmost consideration if one wishes to stay fit and healthy.

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The ideal breakfast

A balanced breakfast should mainly contain proteins, fibers and fats.

The proteins

Protein is the most satiating nutrient. Too, the protein builds tissues and is involved in many physiological processes, in addition to participating in the synthesis of enzymes, hormones and antibodies. A balanced breakfast should therefore contain a majority of protein-rich foods.


Good fats provide the body with energy without affecting blood glucose and insulin levels. Also, they balance the inflammatory phenomenaparticipate in the synthesis of sex hormones and facilitate stabilization of insulin levels.

carbohydrates and fiber

It is often thought that breakfast is for replenishing energy and that it is essential that this meal contains large amounts of carbohydrates. If you won’t run a marathon in the following hoursavoid large portions of starchy foods and cerealseven if it is oats.
Charles Poliquin, an illustrious trainer and renowned nutritionist, was one of the first to pull the handbrake on breakfast carbs. Some people do not secrete enough insulin at the start of the day and can thus gain fat more easily than someone who has good sensitivity. To test your insulin sensitivity, take the following test :
– Eat 1 bowl of rolled oats (about 50g), accompanied by a protein shake, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. If you feel sleepy an hour later, you need to stick to a limited amount of carbs for breakfast. If, on the contrary, you feel full of energy, it is because you are assimilating carbohydrates well and your insulin sensitivity is good.

The Best Breakfast Foods

Here is a list of foods to compose your breakfast with a maximum of variety. Choose one serving of protein, one serving of fiber-rich carbs, and one serving of good fats.

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The Best Breakfast Foods


Eggs (whole and organic)
Greek yogurt
Turkey ham
Protein powder (whey or casein)


Oats or oatmeal
Fruits (strawberry, raspberry, banana, apple, grapefruit, pineapple)
Berries (blueberry, goji, currant)


Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachio, cashew)
Olive oil
Goat or sheep cheese
Peanut butter

Recipe ideas for a balanced breakfast

Here are some examples of recipes for a nutritious and balanced breakfast.

The Morning Shake

For those who get up at the last moment or who don’t have time to cook in the morning.

In a blender:

  • 1 dose of 30g of whey protein
  • 1 banana
  • 1 heaped teaspoon peanut butter
  • 200ml almond milk or water

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