What is an etiopathy? Is it a natural treatment?

If you don’t know, the term etiopathy comes from the Greek. Composed of two words: “aitia or cause” and “pathos or what affects the body”. The practitioner in this field is called “osteopath”, a specialist of the human body. This therapy considers our body as a very complex mechanism that can break down at any time. It specially plays the role of the mechanical engineer of the human body, which targets and studies the origin of the problem.

Etiopathy indicates a reasoning technique that aims to determine and eliminate the causes of a health problem. It is a method of understanding and analyzing different pathological phenomena. Indeed, it determines the fundamental causes of the symptoms. She is particularly interested in care of different pain via palpation, massage and touch. Its actions take place directly on the organs.

When did this technique take off?

The French therapist Christian TREDANIEL launched the word “etiopathy” for the first time in 1963. 20 years later and after the various researches, he developed in his book the main principles of this discipline. It is one of the traditions of manual therapy which aims to maintain body health naturally. To practice this method, therapists must have some in-depth scientific knowledge and real know-how.

Recognized since April 2015 by Social Security as a treatment technique, theetiopathy took its place. Today, more than 500 etiopathic practitioners settle in France.

Maintain health and defend the body with etiopathy

Essentially using manual techniques, etiopathy repairs all organic dysfunctions. Its objective is to limit the obligation to resort to surgical interventions and medicines to treat illnesses. It fights against disorders of the musculoskeletal system: algodystrophies, sprains, calcaneal spurs, strains, joint pain, tendinitis, tarsal canal… It helps to repair insomnia, sleep disturbances, headaches, anxiety and migraines. Thus, it alleviates pregnancy disorders such as nausea, back pain, headaches and vomiting. It can also act on different spheres: ENT, articular, gynecological, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, digestive and vertebral.

Etiopathy, a discipline intended for whom?

In etiopathythe session takes place in three stages:

  • Questions about the patient’s general condition (one consultation).
  • Diagnosis of care and a clinical examination to define the causes of the disorder.
  • Orientation and advice in order to sustain the effect of the session.
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This practice is suitable for individuals of all ages and genders: young or old, young or old, men or women. All people who want to benefit from excellent health and good mental capacity can call on this therapy. Depending on the case, the osteopath offers a number of sessions between 3 and 10.


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