What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is also known as hempseed or Indian hemp. It comes from the cannabis-producing tree from which the seeds are extracted. In the botanical name cannabis sativa, the botanical family of the plant is cannabaceae. Hempseed oil can come from France, China, Canada, USA and India.

Properties of hemp oil

In general, a hemp oil has a sometimes dark green color. It has a characteristic smell of freshly cut grass. In terms of texture, a hemp seed oil is quite fluid. It therefore offers good skin penetration. As for the taste, the oil offers hints of hazelnut and grass.

But these properties can change. This is due to changing oil production conditions. This evolution depends on the country, sunshine, organic production, etc.

Composition of hemp oil

There are various compositions in a hemp seed oil. This is the case with fatty acids, vitamins and other active constituents. This composition can vary according to the conditions of production of the oil. But in any case, the extra virgin oil obtained by cold pressing remains the best. Thus, one can enjoy all the good benefits of the oil.

Fatty acid composition

Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids. There are monounsaturated fatty acids of 9 to 14% oleic acid or omega 9. There are polyunsaturated fatty acids of 55 to 60% linoleic acid or omega 6 and 17 to 20% alpha linolenic acid or omega 3. Thus, there are saturated fatty acids of 8-10% palminic and stearic acid.

In the oil, we also find the vitamins E, A, B1, B2 and B6. Gamma tocopherols and essential amino acids are some of the other constituents of the oil. The same is true for beta-sitosterol and beta-caryophyllene.

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Ways to use hemp oil

It is possible to use hemp oil in skin application. You can make an anointing, a massage or a simple local application. Mixed with other essential oils, this oil will be even more effective.

Orally, thehemp seed oil is interesting. You can eat it without or after cooking. The oil will be used in dishes as a garnish. Remember to consider the dose to consume.

Cosmetic aspect of hemp oil

Cosmetically, hemp oil has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, nourishing, regenerating, firming, emollient, softening and soothing properties. Its vitamin E and fatty acid content gives it a resemblance to human sebum. Its virtues are remarkable in terms of skin, hair and nails.

Main benefits

An anti-inflammatory, hemp oil will act against all dermatological problems. It also allows to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The same is true for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive disorders. Reducing the risk of stroke is possible with the oil since it is a cholesterol lowerer. To regain emotional balance, oil can become your ally.


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