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It is a therapy based on tantrism. Tantrism designates a philosophy of life and a spiritual current. It tends to unite mind and body. It is a set of rituals and texts. It allows you to reach a state of total awakening and to rediscover joy and the desire to live. We then use the exploration of the senses through breathing and meditation as a tool for awakening. All the senses are solicited, even the intimate and carnal parts. This is the reason why it is often likened to a sexual practice.

Tantrism stipulates that sexuality is put at the service of the personal development.

Thus, tantric therapy is not purely sexual. It works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Who invented this therapy?

The term tantrism was invented in the West in the 19th century. Among specialists, its origin and exact definition is still a subject of discussion. Its bases are tantras or texts revealed by Shiva, a Hindu god. There are various ways to find out about Tantra. You can go to a school or consult books. One can also participate in workshops for Tantra.

The benefits of tantric therapy

It solves various problems whether psychological, relational or emotional. She has the ability to develop everyone’s potential.

In case of mourning, it allows the management of the separation. It helps to find or regain self-confidence and decision-making power. Thus, one can repel with depression.

Through therapy, one begins to accept the darker or the brighter aspects. We then become aware of its polarity.

She can also reconnect a couple.

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Offering a feeling of unity to the whole body, the massage helps toease the mind. Also, it allows to find the sacred dimensions of the body.

Course of a tantric therapy session

Unlike other therapies, tantric therapy has no predetermined standard. Each therapist offers a unique massage to their client. For some, an interview precedes the massage to explain the principles. This is so that the client can determine whether the method is suitable for him or not.

However, there are similarities between the sessions. First there is the massage which is done very slowly. Through his hand games, the masseur is very involved. The massage must be sensual and spiritual. It can be done with or without oil on a table. We must massage all parts of the body without restriction. This means that the erogenous zones are also affected.

Normally, the massed must be naked, but he has the choice of remaining in his underwear. He can also decide not to have his private parts massaged.

The objective is to make the massed travel through the senses and sensuality.


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