What is Périlla vegetable oil and how do I use it?

A very beautiful plant of the Lamiaceae family, Perilla is native to China. This plant with the botanical name Perilla frutescens. It produces an exceptional biological oily liquid. Obtained through palm seeds, the HV of perilla provides fascinating virtues on the skin. In fact, thanks to its different properties, it is the perfect active ingredient in different skin treatments. This oil provides various actions: anti-aging, protective, nourishing, emollient, nutritive, cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory and Cardio-Vascular protector. It is also an excellent restructuring and antioxidant. Flooded with fatty acid, Perilla vegetable oil is very effective in caring for dry skin victims of dehydration.

Active constituents of Perilla vegetable oil

Its high content of vitamins (A, E) allows it to attribute multiple benefits to the dermatological health. Apparently obtained by cold pressing, this oil is totally natural, virgin, organic and pure (without chemical treatment). It contains no preservatives or additives and ensures easy, effective, practical and pleasant use.

A Perilla vegetable oil complete contains (on average) 5% perilla essential oil. This mixture provides a more effective action on certain pathologies. It is rich in antioxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9.

Perilla vegetable oil is full of several types of fatty acids

Perilla oil holds a significant amount of Fatty acids. This accentuates its great capacity to ensure the health of the body and the beauty of the skin. Particularly noteworthy are polyunsaturated (linoleic acid), monounsaturated (oleic acid) and saturated (palmitic acid) essential fatty acids.

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Perilla vegetable oil: oral or cutaneous application?

The main use of Perilla oil remains on the skin application (local application, unction, massage). In addition, it is also used orally for cure asthma and allergies.

A possible association with essential oils for external use. To learn more, see the complete guide to essential oils.

Does Périlla vegetable oil ensure the beauty of the skin?

To be diluted with essential oils for cosmetic use, theperilla vegetable oil has beneficial effects on:

  • the face,
  • the skin,
  • hands,
  • the hair.

It further softens, protects, tones, softens, rejuvenates and regenerate the skin. Moreover, it can treat dry hair, stop the Hair loss and prevent the skin from drying out. It fights against stretch marks, acne and dermatosis.

Unearth all the benefits of Perilla vegetable oil

Perilla oil can eliminate all symptoms of stress and fatigue. It can also develop physical endurance, cognitive faculties, defense and resistance of immunity. This oil neutralizes allergens, prevents cell aging, optimizes concentration and memory. It provides hydration to dry skin, balances tension and cholesterol levels.


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