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Rapeseed vegetable oil is also known as canola. The oil-producing plant is rapeseed. Its botanical name is brassica napus L. var. naous, B. rapa or B. capestris, B. juncea. It comes from the formerly cruciferous Brassicaceae family. Coming from France, these are the seeds that must be extracted to obtain rapeseed oil.

Properties of rapeseed oil

Light yellow in color, theColza oil is difficult to differentiate. It has a discreet smell reminiscent of the smell of the plant. In terms of texture, rapeseed oil is semi-thick. As for the taste, rapeseed oil is neutral so refined, pronounced and reminiscent of so virgin cabbage. It should be noted that its organoleptic characteristics may change according to the conditions of rapeseed oil production. We consider the country, sunshine, organic production, etc.

Composition of rapeseed oil

In rapeseed oil in general, we must find different types of fatty acids, vitamins and other constituents. Be aware that these compositions may vary from one rapeseed oil to another. This is due to the production conditions of the oil.

Fatty acid composition

The monounsaturated fatty acids rapeseed oil are 61 to 63% oleic or omega 9, 0.3% palmitoleic, 5% erucic acid and acid-docenoic. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are 19 to 20% linoleic or omega 6, 8 to 10% alpha linolenic or omega 3. Saturated fatty acids are 7.5 to 8% palmitic and stearic acid.

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The vitamins in rapeseed oil are the vitamins E or alpha-tocopherol and vitamin K. Rapeseed oil is also rich in triterpenes and sterols.

How to use vegetable rapeseed oil

Externally, rapeseed oil is applied as an anointing, massage, local application or bath. Its cutaneous application is all the more recommended if you are going to associate it with other essential oils.

Internally, it is possible to consume rapeseed oil regularly. You can integrate it into your daily diet without any problem.

Cosmetic aspect of rapeseed oil

Cosmetically, rapeseed oil is interesting since it is antioxidant. It has therefore good actions against various dermatological conditions. If you follow a regular care on your skin, it is possible to add a few drops of rapeseed oil in it. So the care products will have even more positive effect on the skin.

Its main benefits

Rapeseed oil should be used as it helps build cell membranes. It also allows to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. On the glucose level, rapeseed oil will have an effect that limits its rise. For the stimulation of brain activity, rapeseed oil is your ally. The oil is also known for its ability to protect arterial walls. You will then limit the risk of stroke. By consuming rapeseed oil daily, you can prevent cardiovascular disorders.


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