What is the fundamental principle of the Sirtifood diet?

The Sirtifood diet is another way to keep in shape and sculpt your waistline. It seems to provide quick, convenient and effective results. The principle is to consume only foods that act on proteins (enzymatic). This favorably facilitates the burning of fat and delays the aging of the skin. By following this diet, you don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love, you just have to make some changes in your diet.

How does the Sirtifood diet work?

The Sirtifood diet is mainly based onincreased level of sirtuins in our body by eating superfoods or sirtfoods: dark chocolate, apple, red wine, turmeric, citrus, blueberry, bird’s eye chili, walnut, strawberry, olive oil, red chicory, parsley, coffee, buckwheat, matcha, hazelnut, caper, green tea, dates, soy, red onion, kale and arugula salad. You must eat them in the form of different recipes and as a daily drink.

It takes place in three phases:

  • The first phase (7 days) is the start of the diet. Your caloric intake should be limited to 1000 kcal.
  • The second phase (14 days) serves to prolong weight loss. You can increase to 1500 kcal.
  • The duration of the third phase 3 depends on each person and his will. You should not exceed 1800 kcal. It is post-diet and weight stabilization.

The Sirtifood diet and Adele’s weight loss

Everyone knows that the Sirtifood diet is behind the Adele’s unprecedented fitness. But know that the secret does not lie only in this style of fasting.

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It is quite true that this diet allowed the singer to radically change her physique. She lost a lot of density (more than 35 kg). Moreover, the star was not content to follow this method, she combined it with more or less intense physical exercises: fitness and pilates. She has also adopted some changes in her way of life, particularly on the food plan.

The Downsides of This Sirtfood Diet

the Sirtifood diet requires real self-control and a good organization, because it must last several weeks. If you’re not careful, as soon as it’s stopped, this diet can cause yo-yo effects. This promotes rapid weight gain. Just as it can reduce your fat mass in a very short time, it can also optimize the consequent loss of water and muscle mass. Indeed, this fast can be harmful for the muscles and can cause significant deficiencies in muscle tissue. Make a habit of talking with your nutritionist or dietitian before you start. Especially since it is always preferable to be assisted, supported and followed by specialists in this kind of fight.

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