What is the interest of the shepherd’s purse for health?

The shepherd’s purse or blood plant is a healing plant belonging to the brassica family. It can also be called capselle, Judas purse or capuchin purse, but its scientific name is: “capsella bursa-pastoris”. Rather native to Europe, but it is found almost everywhere, because almost all earth structures and all climates adapt perfectly to its culture. Shepherd’s purse notably constitutes tyramine, choline, acetylcholine, histamine and flavonoids.

The peculiarities of the shepherd’s purse

The shepherd’s purse stimulates healing and scarring of external wounds. It has a particular anti-infectious property favoring the treatment of urinary tract infections. It also has no interaction with supplements and medicinal plants. The shepherd’s purse can solve the problems of back pain or gastric ulcers.

It has a certain ability to diminish the results of erosion caused by rain or wind.

What are the health benefits of shepherd’s purse?

Shepherd’s purse provides an anti haemorrhagic effect and contains an astringent, hemostatic and circulatory action. As a result, it essentially eliminates the abundance of menstruation and the various bleedings such as bleeding from the nose. She relieves diarrhea, varicose veins, hematuria, heavy legs, hemophilia and hemorrhoids. In association with horsetail, this plant also fights against lumbago.

How to use the shepherd’s purse?

Shepherd’s purse is not difficult to use in herbal medicine. Its active principles volatilize easily, and that is why its aerial parts are used freshly. Here are some examples to get the dose right:

  • In mother tincture, add 20 drops diluted in a glass. The frequency of intake is twice a day.
  • As an infusion, boil 1 liter of water and 50 g of shepherd’s purse. Take 2 or 4 cups daily.
  • In fluid or fluid extract, it is sufficient to swallow three teaspoons/d.
  • For solve blood circulation problems, it is used in wine decoction. The principle is simple: in 1 liter of red wine, boil a lot of red grapes and 25 g of shepherd’s purse for 10 minutes and drink a ¼ glass before lunch and supper.
  • In cooking, it is eaten chopped, cooked or raw, especially by the Japanese and Europeans. Its leaves and flowers are obviously added to salads.
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It is also available in the form of poultices.

In which case is the shepherd’s purse contraindicated?

Thanks to its richness in vitamin C, the shepherd’s purse can probably modify the duration of coagulation. For people who are on anticoagulant therapy, it is necessary to use it with caution. Its use is strictly prohibited for pregnant people. Indeed, it can have an abortive function.


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