What is the main effect of apitherapy on health?

Apitherapy connects bee health and products (venom, pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly and honey). Indeed, all its elements promote good organic functioning and the prevention of various diseases. They produce analgesic, anti-infectious, regenerative, healing, anti-inflammatory, energizing, toning, antispasmodic and antibacterial properties. We often even tend to say: “bee therapists or the beekeeping prescription”. Apitherapy is therefore treatment with the various compounds produced by bees. It is a medication, a discipline or a therapeutic practice without danger and without side effects. It detoxifies the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Apitherapy in natural medicine: history

Bees play a real important role in thebalance of our planet. They provide more than 78% of planetary pollination and affect human life expectancy. They symbolize wisdom and resurrection.

The creation of apitherapy or the bee-related treatments has existed for thousands of years. The Greeks and Egyptians were the first users of theapitherapy. Currently, this theory is spreading all over the world. Since then, this traditional care method has taken its place in the living and essentially natural pharmacopoeia. The great specialists in this field are Rock DOMEREGO, Charles MRAZ, Rémy CHAUVIN and Phillip TERC.

In health, how does apitherapy help?

Apitherapy helps fight arthritic disorders, joint problems, skin irritations, epilepsy and rheumatic conditions. It treats oral (gingivitis, caries or dental plaques), respiratory, intestinal, digestive and vaginal discomfort. It inevitably improves your physical performance and optimizes well-being. It is indicated in case of fatigue, dysmenorrhea, neurasthenia, amenorrhea, asthenia or even in feeling of weakness. I’apitherapy is perfect for hair, skin and overall beauty. It can also cure all kinds of infections (parasitic, bacterial or viral). It truly provides innumerable, effective and amazing health benefits.

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Example of therapy with the use of venom

The administration of the venom is generally done by two processes. The first option is to administer the venom directly (on the skin) through the bee stings (alive). The second uses a syringe. For this last option, we proceed to the extraction and dilution of the venom. It is in any case the best solution, because it avoids the death of the bees. Whichever method is used, the venom should be placed on the points ofacupuncture or painful parts.

  • 2 to 10 injections to treat tendonitis (2 to 3 sessions),
  • 20 to 30 injections to treat multiple sclerosis or other serious illnesses (2 treatments/week over a long period).

To know exactly the ideal dosage, talk to a specialist or an expert in apitherapy.


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