What is the principle of the Mediterranean or Cretan diet?

Do you want to emphasize your waistline, lose weight or just increase your muscle density? To help you, several forms of fasting are currently presented. This is the case of the Mediterranean diet which seems practical and effective. But before you start, you really need to understand everything: what is this diet and how does it work?

It should be specified that for maintain health and fitness, our body deserves a good diet. This is the basic principle of this diet. Indeed, it optimizes a strictly healthy, rich, varied and balanced consumption. You can eat all the foods you like at a frequency of three times a day and with the possibility of having a small snack (dried or fresh fruit) in the morning or in the afternoon. It must be combined with the practice of physical activity.

Why get a Mediterranean diet?

The qualities, strengths and virtues of mediterranean diet have been demonstrated for years. And until today, the beneficiaries of this food practice keep increasing.

First, it adapts perfectly to our very active social rhythm and does not cause frustration or monotony. Second, it promotes increased life expectancy and protects the body against tissue aging. Third, it is not difficult to implement, economical, pleasant, antioxidant, rich in micronutrients, fresh, healthy and offers a wide choice of food. In addition, it favorably reduces the risk of heart disease because it really promotes a better diet.

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The Mediterranean diet for weight loss

This type of diet is really favorable to the weightloss because it is highly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Which is excellent for reducing atherosclerosis, LDL-cholesterol and bad fats. It facilitates and accelerates the feeling of satiety thanks to vegetable proteins and fibres. Achieve your healthy weight easily and keep fit with this diet.

What are staple foods?

The Mediterranean diet consists of eat plenty of whole grains regularly, aromatic herbs, fruits, spices, seeds, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, dried citrus fruits, seaweed, dairy products from goats or sheep and vegetable oils. Apart from meals, it is also necessary drink 1.5 liters of water a day.

The following foods should be taken in small quantities: red wine, cereals containing gluten, honey, meat (red and white), salt, eggs, chicken, fatty and lean fish.

That’s a whole variety of foods, so feel free to create your own mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet: foods to remove from your plate

It is imperative to avoid all meats, dairy products (cow), refined foods, industrial products, processed foods, carbonated and acidifying drinks. We note in particular sodas, strong alcohols, prepared meals, white cereals, smoked meats and fried foods.

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