What is the true role of lady’s mantle on our body?

Nature always delivers wonders to us and never ceases to surprise us. Indeed, new discoveries are jostling day by day, whether on the culinary or phytotherapeutic level. She puts at our disposal the marvelous lady’s mantle, which is a perennial healing plant. It produces edible fruits that are very beneficial to health and well-being. It is related to the Rosaceae family and bears the scientific name of alchemilla vulgaris. The lady’s mantle is planted in France but historically, it comes from North America and Europe. This 10 to 40 cm high citrus fruit contains a lot of flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants and gallic tannins. Also containing a high acid content (stearic, salicylic and palmitic).

In which cases is its use recommended?

Lady’s mantle is also called lion’s foot, griffin’s foot, Notre Dame’s mantle, women’s grass, rabbit’s foot, and dew gate. This fruiting shrub turns out to be a excellent diuretic, calming, hemostatic, astringent, vulnerary and anti-diarrheal. It promotes dermal photosensitization and tones the skin.

It is a healing herb that: controls blood circulation, treats gastrointestinal discomfort, heals wounds, heals skin ulcers, remedies rheumatism, relieves heavy legs, blocks bleeding and treats mild diarrhea. To ensure oral hygiene, you can use it as a mouthwash.

Herbal preparations and uses

There are different choices of phytotherapeutic uses. In fact, naturally, thelady’s mantle is worked to form liquid extracts, mother tinctures (using the roots), decoctions, compresses and infusions (dried leaves).

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For dosages:

  • Herbal teas: 3 cups/day of 3 g of leaves and 200 ml of water.
  • Sitz bath: infuse 50 g of dried aerial parts in 1 liter of water.

Natural benefits not to be missed

Thanks to its nutritional values, lady’s mantle is very suitable for cooking. Fresh, raw, cooked or candied, it always provides nutrients. Accompanied by dried primrose leaves, it pleasantly flavors the tea.

It essentially offers feminine phytotherapeutic virtues. Indeed, it is very effective for:

  • relieve or even stop estrous pain,
  • regulate the menstrual cycle,
  • protect pregnant women while limiting the risk of miscarriage and facilitating childbirth,
  • optimize tissue tightening,
  • avoid white discharge and vaginal conditions,
  • fight against premenstrual syndromes, cellulite and stretch marks.

The lady’s mantle and its possible precautions

People vulnerable to possible risks of phlebitis should be careful. Lady’s mantle can disrupt anti-vitamin K cures and can cause constipation. It is far better to ask your practitioner than to suffer serious consequences. Its use is not supported throughout the period of gestation and lactation. As well as for women who follow contraceptive treatments (oral).


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