What is therapeutic touch and what is it for?

From day to day, several forms of therapy (phytotherapy, aromatherapy, etc.) are entering the sphere of alternative medicine. They all include essential therapeutic properties and relaxing virtues, but each method has its own particularity. Therapeutic touch is proving to be the most natural treatment there is. An exceptional therapeutic massage that easily eliminates physical discomfort. It will allow you to rebalance your vital energy both physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. This well-being massage acts on poor energy circulation, which is often the source of various organic diseases.

Therapeutic touch, a treatment technique developed by whom?

Therapeutic touch is one of the oldest traditional treatments. A very simple, effective, practical, gentle, soothing, caring and comforting approach. Described in 1972 by Dolores KRIEGER (American professor) as a healing technique essentially manual. The nurses perform at this time a pleasant and gentle massage using their hands. The goal is to harmonize the energy field of the sick. Apart from its multiple therapeutic indications, it also aims to promote the well-being of each individual.

The most recent scientific studies show that this practice can regulate the various systems of the body. The practitioners of alternative medicine (almost everywhere in the world) and health centers use it.

Therapeutic touch and its various treatments

Therapeutic touch is used in cardiac, articular, ENT, respiratory, vertebral, digestive, urinary, muscular, circulatory and gynecological care. It can meet specific needs such as strengthening tendons orimproved sleep quality. This manual rubbing solves insomnia problems, chronic ailments and various back pains. It also treats several other general disorders: stress, sprains, migraine, tendonitis, depression, shingles, anxiety and joint pain. It activates blood circulation, improves tissue oxygenation, eliminates waste, optimizes recovery and muscle tone. The regular practice of this discipline would also make it possible toactivate the self-healing or self-prevention mechanism.

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The care of therapeutic touch in practice

Therapeutic touch shares its values ​​with everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Even people with reduced mobility can practice it without risk. In addition, therapists use different methods that are particularly adapted to each patient. With or without the use of special massage oils, this therapy always produces interesting benefits on the body. Its pleasant effects are felt on the nervous system, muscles, breathing, joints and skin. During a practice, the maneuvers are based on effleurage, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration. A session lasts on average one hour, but the therapeutic touch (itself) does not exceed 20 minutes. We devote the other times to moments of sharing and oral exchanges.


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