What is Tui Na massage and how to practice it?

To heal with manual pressure, therapists provide us with multiple massage formulas. In this text, we will explore all the facets of a particular massage, which is the Tui Na. This manipulation serves to restore the energy circulation in the body, while removing tensions. Indeed, the work of the masseur focuses particularly on the body’s energies. The objective of this Chinese therapeutic practice is to revive the vital energy. It is a tonic massage which acts in particular on the acupuncture points and the meridians: a very widespread practice in China.

The origin and history of this therapy

As the reflexology, the Tui Na massage appeared in China more than 5000 years ago. This method is one of the five main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, and has been since 1949. In China, practitioners in the field of well-being use this massage for therapeutic and preventive purposes. It increases awareness and sensitivity of body and mind receptors.

What is the Tui Na massage and what diseases does it treat?

the Tui Na massage decreases pain related to fibromyalgia and improves dizziness related to cervical osteoarthritis. It relieves the symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea and contributes to the care of cervical radiculopathy. It lightens the sacro-lumbar pain, heavy legs, back pain, tight muscles, body aches, muscle tension. Indeed, it ensures physical and mental flexibility, as well as relaxation and muscle toning. In terms of comfort and well-being, it influences the nervous system, which leads to better relaxation. With this therapy you can forget about insomnia problems, fatigue, headaches and sleep disorders. Effective in theelimination of negative thoughts, bad vibes and melancholy. In short, it ensures the health of our body in general.

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Tui Na massage in practice: duration and number of sessions

This type of massage begins with an interrogation and an exchange between the person being massaged and the masseur. This first approach consists of knowing the patient’s state of health and his needs. The practitioner can then define the course of a session and the activities to be carried out. To practice this massage, the masseur exerts pressure on the acupuncture circuits in order toeliminate tension. In fact, there is a real energy work that begins mainly with fairly slow and harmonious strokes. A Tui Na massage session seeks to maintain physical fitness and mental well-being. It also aims to offer a perfect balance between body and mind. To practice this massage, you need 30 to 60 minutes per session. Three to four sessions are enough to solve the problems.


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