What should you eat before a bodybuilding session?

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What to take before a weight training session

Before a weight training session, it is imperative to provide the muscles with what they will need for maximum performance. This is where things get complicated. The traditional pasta dish is getting old, in addition to making you sleepy. So what to do?

What to consume before a workout?

Already, count at least two hours between the last “solid” meal and your training session. It should ideally contain at least 30g of protein, and 100 to 200g of carbohydrates, depending on your goals and your size.

Then, about 30 minutes before the session, start thinking about how much your muscles will need to work at full speed and gain size. A stimulating “booster” is an attractive option. The caffeine it contains will take effect quickly, and its peak efficiency will be reached approximately one hour after its absorption, i.e. in the middle of the session. It will allow you to be better concentrated and to better use carbohydrates and lipids during exercise.

Next, consider arginine. About 3g will suffice, and it will allow you to improve muscle congestion, by a greater blood flow, due to the production of nitric oxide. In addition to making you “bulk up,” arginine will improve the transport of nutrients into your muscle cells.

Also think about the creatine which, by attracting water to the muscles and renewing their ATP stocks more quickly, will allow them to be stronger, to recover better between sets, but also between sessions.

Finally, the BCAAs. Taken before and during the session, they will delay the onset of fatigue and begin the recovery process.

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