What to do to lose 10 pounds

Who does not dream of losing 10 pounds quickly and effectively. But to achieve this, it is necessary to modify and adopt a strict food program. A few rules must be followed carefully to do this. If you have no idea what to do, here are small ideas and some ideal recipes.

What are the rules for losing 10 kilos permanently?

For lose 10 pounds permanently, it takes a lot of effort. Already, you need a controlled calorie intake. It is a question of providing the calories necessary to fill the energy expended on a daily basis. This contribution depends on each individual and his activity. We must never take less than we need. Generally, the calories to take per day in order to lose 10 kilos are 1200 kcal at least. If it is too low, the adaptation mechanism will take place. Thus, you will regain weight instead of losing it.

It also requires a high nutrient intake. You have to eat nutrient-dense foods to avoid nutritional deficiencies. These are the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, drastic food programs for sudden weight loss should be avoided. You need to give your body time to adjust to the changes it is about to undergo. At most, you only have to lose 1.5 kg per week.

What are the menus to lose 10 pounds?

You are presented with a standard menu for losing weight. In this menu, your diet will be varied and balanced while being rich in flavors.

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For breakfast, for example, you can drink green tea unsweetened. Added to this is a bowl of cottage cheese with muesli, almonds and dried fruit. To compensate, have a fruit compote with cinnamon. For lunch, there is the sesame-marinated cabbage salad with a slimming vegetable and feta quiche. Don’t forget to consume fresh fruits. At dinner, you have to eat green salad, zucchini gratin with chicken and wholemeal pasta. Add soy yogurt and poached pear with spices. As a snack, just drink a detox herbal teaa slice of light chocolate and zucchini cake and a handful of oilseeds.

How to lighten the recipes?

It is possible to lighten your daily meals. For example, you can thin salad dressings with a splash of water. You can also make a light sauce based on yogurt or cottage cheese. White sugar should be replaced with natural fruit sugar in desserts. It is necessary to replace the cheese by the brewer’s yeast to gratin the dishes. Instead of putting fat in the preparations, opt for spices and condiments.

A light cake is made with dark chocolate, zucchini, coconut blossom sugar or brown sugar, eggs, semi-whole wheat flour, cocoa, liquid vanilla extracts and salt. This cake fits perfectly with a weight loss program.

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