What to eat after sport?


What to eat after sport?

You already know that eating well before sport is decisive if you want to have effective and productive sessions, whether it’s to gain muscle, burn fat or simply to regain good physical condition. You know that depending on the results you want to achieve, you are not going to eat the same way. Indeed, macronutrient intakes differ according to the objectives that have been set: proteins, carbohydrates and fats for mass gain, proteins, fats and a limited quantity of carbohydrates for muscle building, and only proteins and lipids for muscle definition. Yet post-workout nutrition is too often overlooked, while the foods we eat in the hours following a workout are not metabolized in the same way as the rest of the day…explanations.

The anabolic window

The proteins and carbohydrates you consume after your sports session are fully assimilated, without the risk of being stored in the form of subcutaneous fat.. That’s why it’s important to eat well after each workout to take advantage of this anabolic window and boost muscle development. But beware, the amounts of nutrients to absorb after sport are not the same for mass gain or muscle definition.

To gain mass

An example of a post-workout meal plan for mass gain

Within 30 minutes of the session:
50g of whey protein
80g of glucose polymers (maltodextrin, Vitargo®, Waxy Maize or cluster dextrin)
200mg alpha lipoic acid
2g of omega 3

1h30 after
200g lean red meat (to be cooked in coconut oil)
150g white rice (weighed cooked)
150g sweet potato
1 heaped tablespoon of organic olive oil

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For muscle building

A sample post-workout food plan for building muscle

Within 30 minutes of strength training
40g of whey
50g of glucose polymers (maltodextrin, Vitargo®, Waxy Maize or cluster dextrin)
100mg alpha lipoic acid
1g of omega 3

1h30 later
200g lean red meat (cooked in coconut milk)
80g white rice (weighed cooked)
1 teaspoon organic olive oil
1 teaspoon organic peanut butter, unsweetened

To dry

Example of a post-workout diet plan for cutting

Within 30 minutes of training
40g isolate (whey protein isolate)
30g of glucose polymers (maltodextrin, Vitargo®, Waxy Maize or cluster dextrin)
or 2 cereal bars
1g of omega 3
2g of L-Carnitine

1h30 later
150g of white meat (to be cooked in coconut milk)
100g sweet potato
30g of almonds

Mistakes to avoid

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