What to know about the irritable bowel diet

Irritable bowel syndrome results from hyper activity and hyper distension of the colon. It can cause abdominal spasms and cramps. The disorder comes from the ingestion of irritating foods. The irritable bowel diet introduces adequate foods and banishes harmful substances.

Diet Principles for IBS

Prescribing the appropriate diet for prevent IBS is not limited to a list of recommended foods. It also involves certain lifestyle measures.

In principle, the gut diet consists of soluble fiber foods. These have a softening power by forming a gel during digestion. They stabilize the transit and promote the movements of the digestive organs.

Barley, oats and buckwheat contain a significant amount of these fibers. Psyllium has a high content.

To calm the symptoms, the diet also includes other cereals such as rice or millet. He also advises the consumption of red fruits and passion fruit. He also recommends products derived from soy, eggs and sweet herbal teas. The apple is an ideal food for this diet.

  • Accompanying measures

Optimal hydration ensures the effectiveness of treatment with the irritable bowel diet. It relaxes the intestine and prevents painful tension. The ideal quantity varies between 1.5 and 2 litres.

A regular distribution of meals is another essential measure. It avoids overloads likely to cause distension.

Cooking the vegetables is essential. Indeed, raw plant substances sometimes have an irritant character for the intestine. Cooking softens this effect.

During meals, sufficient chewing helps to reduce the work of the digestive system. Before eating, it is advisable to find a serene environment. Any form of stress is transmitted directly to the intestine.

Foods to exclude

I’recommended diet for an IBS has some restrictions. It banishes substances liable to cause irritation.

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Insoluble fiber appears to be beneficial for the gut. But in case of IBS, they aggravate the symptoms rather than alleviate them. Thus, the diet for irritable bowel advises against dried fruits, wheat and spelled. It also excludes peas, cabbage and broccoli.

The digestion of fats causes important work for the digestive tract. It induces a reflex reaction of the intestine which produces a painful movement for an irritated intestine.

Fermentables are sometimes the cause of IBS. These are short-chain carbohydrate substances.

Any type of irritating substance accentuates the painful symptoms. The irritable bowel diet prohibits the consumption of alcohol, tea and coffee. It excludes the use of spices, sour fruits and their juices, nuts and seeds, onions. Meats, dark chocolate and soft drinks are also aggressive for the intestine.


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