What type of meditation is right for you? Here are 3 types of meditation to find yours

Do you think meditation is too difficult? Or maybe you have already tried, with less than excellent results? It may not be your fault. There are actually several types of meditation, and if you’ve had trouble meditating in a very specific way, it may be because you’ve chosen a type that isn’t right for you. People generally fall into one of three main types of meditation, and each type is equally effective.

Meditation is a recommended practice because it can be a very effective way to decrease stress, and stress can harm your health in different ways. If you’ve never tried it, consider starting with a quick two-minute meditation each morning. To help you decide which type of meditation is best for you, here are the three main types of meditation and how to practice them.

Visualization meditation

If you are a creative soul with an active imagination, this kind of meditation is for you. It’s as simple as it sounds. Close your eyes and focus on visualizing a scene that fills you with warm, happy, and calming feelings. It can be something as simple as your family, or something more abstract, like ocean waves or a favorite color.

Just make sure you choose something that will make you feel good, visualization meditation activates the amygdala, a small point in the center of the brain that controls our reaction to stressful situations, ie our reaction to ” fight or flight”. So keep your visualization choices relaxed, peaceful, and upbeat, so you don’t activate this response in your body.

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Mantra meditation

If you are an auditory rather than a visual learner, you may prefer this form of meditation. Choose a repetitive word or sound that induces relaxing and happy thoughts. It can be a classic ‘om’, nature sounds like birds or whales, or any other phrase you like. If you choose specific words, you can also choose to link the wording to your breath (a popular practice during yoga). So, for example, breathe in something you want more of in your life, like “gratitude,” and breathe out something you want less of, like “judgment.”

moving meditation

If you’re an energetic, active person who finds it hard to sit still, there’s good news: you don’t have to! Even while meditating, you can keep moving while effectively calming your mind. Choose a form of movement that doesn’t require too much thought or concentration, such as walking or stretching, so you can focus on your breathing rather than what you’re doing. The key is to catch your breath whenever you’re stressed about your to-do list (or whatever else is going on in your life).

If you’re looking for a little more help getting started and looking for a tool to help you meditate and maintain a regular routine, you can type on You tube the type of meditation that suits you best and test out a video or two. of meditation, of which you will keep only the sound. The most difficult thing is to find the one that inspires you the most so that it is easy to include it in your daily life. Good meditation.


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