What type of physical activity for effective and lasting weight loss?

Along with reducing caloric intake, physical exercise supports weight loss. The type of activity ultimately matters little, this was shown by a team from the University of Madrid who brought together overweight people (as many men as women) aged 18 to 52 .

They were divided into four groups, for a program that was spread over six months, with either:

– 3 sessions of one hour per week of muscular exercises (squats, biceps, shoulders, pecs…)

– same rhythm but with endurance exercises (jogging, cycling, swimming…)

– ditto by combining bodybuilding and endurance

– a rigorous modification of the behaviors of daily life (the stairs rather than the elevator, walking rather than the car, etc.)

During this period, all participants followed a low-calorie diet (reduced intake by one third).

Increase physical expenditure for significant and lasting weight loss

First, that everyone has lost weight and body fat. Then, that the three physical activity programs lead to similar results, knowing that we also observe a real benefit with the adaptation of behavior, but less significant than with sport.

Which therefore amounts to saying that the basis of the weight loss diet concerns the reduction of calories, which will be supplemented by an increase in physical expenditure, each one being able to adapt it according to his tastes, his capacities and his possibilities (in particular practical) .

As already demonstrated, physical activity is also an important element for weight stabilization after weight loss, not to mention its health benefits in general.

Journal of Applied Physiology (http://jap.physiology.org/f)


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