What type of sport to practice according to its morphology?

Generally, inexperienced people who take up sport for the first time do not progress optimally, or do not progress at all, there are several reasons for this potential stagnation but the most recurrent – while being the one that is the least considered – is the choice of the program itself.

Indeed, there are almost as many programs as there are morphologies, the mistake made is to extrapolate a standard program on several people with different physical characteristics while hoping that there are the same progression curves. If some will find their account with a standard training (like 30 minutes of jogging, some exercises with the weight of the body etc), others will not.

To put this notion into perspective, a simple example is enough: A person who weighs 120kg for 1m80 is not going to train like a 70kg person for the same height, one is obviously thinner than the other and that is those physical aspects that will determine your training.

To make it easier, the notion of morphotypes has been introduced, the morphotype is the set of physical characteristics defining a person, these characteristics have been grouped into 3 large families, each with well-defined traits, therefore training that differs greatly from each other. others:

  • Ectomorphs: Characterizing typically lean people, ecto have a very fast metabolism allowing them, for example, to eat more often and digest more quickly. The weight gain of an ectomorph is very difficult, training based on strength exercises is to be preferred, training must be short and low in cardiovascular efforts, making sure to have a high-calorie diet.
  • Endomorphs: Characterizing typically fat people, endo have a rather slow metabolism, they store weight quickly and generally have great physical strength due to their size. Endomorphs should favor long and intensive cardiovascular training to increase their results while monitoring their caloric intake.
  • Mesomorphs (intermediate people): A combination of the qualities of the other two morphotypes, the meso builds muscle quickly and can therefore afford to combine cardio with training for muscle mass gain, while maintaining a balanced diet.
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There are specific tools on the internet that will allow you to know your morphotype in the space of a few minutes, therefore to follow more appropriate programs. However, these features are only guidelines for beginners. Once you reach a certain level, you will need to deepen your knowledge to adapt and optimize your training even more!


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