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Apricot vegetable oil comes from cold pressing the pits of the fruit of the same name. The tree that produces this fruit is called the apricot tree (prunus americana). A plant belonging to the Rosaceae species and which comes from China. Same family as almond, cherry and peach. This shrub grows exclusively in countries with a warm climate. More precisely from the dried kernel kernel of this tree, apricot oil refers to a light yellow oily liquid. It is exceptionally rich in vitamins (A, E) and oleic acid. Apricot kernels feature an orange-yellow color and a sweet smell.

Composition of apricot oil

The composition of the HV strongly depends on the production conditions. To be sure of having the right quality of oil, a few criteria should be taken into account. Indeed, you must choose an extra virgin oil (obtained by cold pressing) and ideally of organic origin. I’apricot oil contains, among other things, triacylglycerides and phytosterols.

Apricot vegetable oil and its fatty acid composition

I’apricot vegetable oil generally includes:

  • 60% monounsaturated fatty acids,
  • 30% polyunsaturated fatty acids,
  • and 8% saturated FA.

Apricot vegetable oil: methods of use

Generally, the use of apricot oil is recommended for skin application. That is to say, a local application in massage or in unction. Very easy to handle, it is used as the main ingredient in your preparations. Indeed, it is added in the massage oils, anti-aging treatments and toning serums. And also in after-sun oils, creams and healthy glow foundations.

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An excellent excipient, apricot vegetable oil combines perfectly with essential oils. This fluid oily substance is also used orally and for nutritional use.

Cosmetic aspect of apricot oil

Apricot oil provides many benefits on the skin, face and hair. Its use is particularly recommended in case of asphyxiated, dull and tired complexions. It can also take care of devitalised, withered, wrinkled and lackluster skin. It is an excellent massage oil which proves to be a good base in aromatherapy.

Its main cosmetic benefits (particularly for use on the skin): revitalizing, soothing, toning, illuminating and emollient.

All the benefits of apricot vegetable oil

apricot oil fights the signs of aging. It can even delay the effects of cellular weakening. In addition, it nourishes and protects the skin from dehydration.

It has softening, antioxidant, softening, photo-protective and nourishing properties. Thus, it gives a boost of radiance and tone to our skin. It participates in the reconstruction of the lipid film (hydrolipidic) of the skin tissues. With its texture at the same time pleasant and light, it ensures an easy and colossal use. To improve its skin penetration, do not hesitate to mix it with hazelnut or kukui oil.


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