What virtues does Qi Gong offer on the health of the organism?

Qi Gong refers to treatments based on energy flow and holistic Chinese medicine. A well-balanced flow means prevention and cure of many diseases. It also promotes improved health. The principle is to achieve control of the Qi by the body. In fact, it is the work of energy through the body. It allows exploration, transformation and realignment of our physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual state. This form of gentle gymnastics combines several types of exercises to be practiced on a daily and regular basis. Indeed, it combines breathing exercises, still postures, meditation with great focus, stretching and visualization.

Qigong, where does this technique come from?

A full branch of the traditional chinese medicine, the practice of Qi Gong dates back thousands of years. It is a very popular traditional medicine in the same way as herbal medicine, acupuncture, meditation and massage. Millions of Chinese regularly practice this natural therapy for the purpose of maintaining and prolonging life. Several hospitals in China specialize and also use this technique until today. Jerry Alan Johnson, this American teacher studied and had practiced the art of Qi Gong for years in this country. He sought to transmit the ancestral know-how of China and the care protocols of this discipline. This is the objective of his return to the United States after his studies, where he will create his own institute.

In the therapeutic sphere, why do practitioners advise Qi Gong?

the Qigong allows the harmonization and purification of your organs. It is an energy cleansing technique,balancing yang and yin. Its practice improves health, flexibility, longevity, circulation of energy and balance (psychological, emotional, physical). It also helps reduce hypertension, stress levels, anxiety and anxiety. It can also be used simply to relax and to enjoy a moment of well-being.

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Can anyone practice Qigong?

Qi Gong engenders an overall harmonization between body and mind. Indeed, each session aims to to relax, to create a connection between ourselves and our body. The technique calls upon a great variety of movements and gestures which are generally linked together very slowly. This practice invites us to internalize and discover our full energy potential. This essentially promotes the awakening to our inner world.

Very simple, within everyone’s reach and does not require any specific equipment or clothing. Everyone can access this type of treatment and enjoy its multiple benefits. On the other hand, to increase the chances of success and concentration, all sources of distraction should be eliminated. You also need to have some perseverance and motivation.


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