What you need to know about Angelica essential oil

Angelica is a plant from the Umbelliferae family. It grows mainly in northern Europe. It is particularly known for its soothing virtue, its harmonizing benefits for the body, but also for the mind. Today, it is also available in essential oil.

The properties of Angelica essential oil

It includes many assets, which allow restore and maintain balance throughout the body.

About health :

It is used on health on the following points:

  • To aid digestion

Angelica, thanks to its components, not only stimulates the stomach, but also digestive secretions. Rich in monoterpenes indeed, theAngelica essential oil promotes gastric mobility and the production of enzymatic secretions.

  • To prevent spasmodic activities

The muscles will not have the opportunity to contract often, because rich in calcium, Angelica helps strengthen the cells.

  • To act as an antioxidant

Composed of xanthotoxin and imperatorin, Angelica essential oil is a powerful antioxidant.

  • For its carminative properties

Thanks to its aromatic components, theangelica oil facilitates the expulsion of intestinal gas. In addition, by acting on the digestive system, it also stimulates the food degradation system.

On well-being:

I’use of angelica allow :

  • To restore calm in the body after a period of intense stress;
  • To optimize the hygiene of life, thanks to its diuretic property:
  • To benefit from its sedative effects in case of sleep disorder;
  • To stimulate the lymphatic and hormonal system.

Indication: when to use?

Angelica essential oil can be used in many cases:

  • Aerophagia: in case of gastric lift in the esophagus, epigastric pain or even acid reflux;
  • Immune deficiencies: with its antioxidant assets, it can promote immune defences;
  • Dyspepsia: i.e. a pain in the abdomen, particularly uncomfortable when trying to feed. In this case, Angelica acts through its carminative and eupeptic virtues.
  • Fatigue: physical or intellectual;
  • Anxiety and anxiety;
  • Sleep disorder.
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Most often, Angelica essential oil is used by skin application. It is advisable to dilute it in a few drops of vegetable oil, before applying it through a massage. It can be applied directly to the affected area.

It is also possible to use it orally, but only insofar as the application is framed by medical prescriptions.

And finally, if it is used in the context of well-being, it is possible to do so either by inhalation or by diffusion.

Precaution for use

Angelica essential oil is prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women.as well as children under 6 years old.

If you decide to use it for internal use, it is essential to consult a therapist beforehand. Certain subjects, including those particularly sensitive to bleeding or hemophilia, or to diabetes, must be strictly monitored during treatment.

It should also be noted that you should never expose yourself to the sun during the treatment with Angelica, to avoid the harmful effects of the photo-sensitizing effects of the components of the plant.


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