When to consult a urologist?

Both men and women can face problems that affect their urinary or reproductive systems. When this happens, it is necessary to make an appointment with a urologist to be treated. He is a doctor specializing in the management of the urinary system. You can consult it to prevent or detect possible pathologies.

Contact a private urologist for rapid support

The consultation of a specialist is essential when certain symptoms appear which affect the urinary tract or the reproductive system. You have the possibility of being diagnosed in a public structure or in a private urology practice. Many patients choose the latter option due to its advantages. Indeed, choosing a private urologist to take care of your urinary system and your genitals saves you time and efficiency.

In a private practice, you benefit from fast and quality care, which is important if you are in an emergency situation. In a public establishment, you may sometimes experience a long waiting time. The use of a private service allows you to have an appointment within a short time. If your situation requires treatment, you can start it the same day if the conditions are met.

The consultation of a private specialist allows you to benefit from rapid access to care without any reference required. To make an appointment in the public system, you will need a referral from a GP. This can slow you down in an emergency. By opting for private, you have the possibility of dealing directly with a urologist to solve your problem.

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Consult a urologist to treat cystitis

Cystitis or urinary tract infection is a pathology that targets the bladder. It affects both men and women. Cystitis is manifested by inflammation of the bladder usually caused by an increase in bacteria in this organ. It is the cause of regular and pressing urges to urinate.

When you suffer from cystitis, you feel discomfort during urination due to a burning sensation. In the long term, these symptoms can become unbearable on a daily basis. You should quickly consult a urologist for an examination and effective management if you feel any discomfort.

Make an appointment to treat urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a dysfunction of the urinary system manifested by involuntary and uncontrollable loss of urine at any moment. This disorder appears naturally with age. However, incontinence can affect younger people and even children. It profoundly affects the quality of life of those who are victims of it. In the absence of optimal care, incontinence can lead to social exclusion, ill-being, deterioration of mental health, etc. It is essential to go to a urology practice to benefit from the treatments offered.

Correct urinary or reproductive system disorders with the help of a urologist

In addition to the diseases already mentioned, the urologist treaty :

  • malformations of the kidneys, penis, testicles,
  • stones in the kidney, urethra or bladder,
  • urogenital cancers (prostate, kidney, bladder),
  • vaginal atrophy,
  • erection problems and premature ejaculation,
  • infertility in men.

The urologist, as you have noticed, deals with all pathologies related to your genital or urinary system. Its interventions target all organs of the urinary or reproductive system.

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