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Whey and fat burners

When looking to achieve good muscle definition, we think of fat burners and low-calorie proteins, either whey or isolate. However, it is quite possible to gain mass with whey. So what is it in reality?

It all depends on the diet you combine with your supplementation program, and how you use your whey protein.

How to use your whey to dry? How to combine it with the best fat burners for rapid and lasting weight loss? The answers in this article.

Whey protein and muscle definition

Whey and weight loss

Whey, or whey isolate, are two proteins commonly used for muscle definition programs. Whey, a product resulting from the separation of casein in milk, is by nature a very fluid protein, low in fat and sugar. It is in fact partially delactosed and its fat content reduced to a minimum. Thereby, whey protein is very low in calories, very low in fat and lactose ; reasons why it is positioned at the top of the list of dietary supplements for dryness and weight loss.

How does whey work?

Whey protein is very digestible, very light and very fast to assimilate. It contains a high concentration of BCAAs, including leucine, an amino acid that promotes anabolism in initiating protein synthesis and reducing muscle protein breakdown. It promotes muscle building, but also the burning of fat! Indeed, the more the muscles are stimulated, in particular by regular intakes of proteins and BCAAs, the more easily they use the calories stored in the body. This is the whole process of anabolism: better use of energy, building new tissue, and a faster metabolism.

How to use whey to dry?

The first step is to plan a diet for weight loss or muscle definition:

  • High protein intake (up to 3g of protein per kg of body weight)
  • Few carbohydrates (50 to 100g per day)
  • An increase in the intake of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular omega 3
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As part of this diet in favor of proteins, whey must be used at times of the day where the body needs high and fast supply of amino acids :

  • Upon rising, before breakfast
  • Post workout

The other meals and snacks must consist of “slower” proteins, i.e. foods containing them: eggs, chicken breast, lean red meat, vegetable proteins, etc. Also, you can place a casein snack between meals and at bedtime if your budget allows it.

A few precautions

Whey is a very fast-absorbing protein with a very high leucine content, an amino acid that promotes the release of insulin. However, this storage hormone can jeopardize your results if your whey is not consumed at the right times. Indeed, it is insulin that transports carbohydrates into our cells, and stores them as fat if not used by the body. Knowing how to maintain a stable insulin level is probably the most favorable factor of a diet for successful weight loss. Chronically high insulin levels lead to:

  • constant hunger
  • Cravings for sweet foods
  • Poor energy management
  • Difficulties losing weight
  • Greater fat storage

To maximize the effects of your whey on weight loss, take it exclusively at sunrise and after training. If you prefer to consume a protein in the afternoon instead of cooking, opt for a casein, which will help you burn more fat:

  • By stabilizing your blood glucose level
  • By stimulating anabolism
  • By reducing appetite

How to combine whey and a fat burner?

Combine whey and fat burners

The most effective method for losing weight and obtaining good muscle definition is to combine taking a good quality whey protein and a fat burner tailored to your goals.

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To lose weight

For successful overall weight loss, combine whey or isolate with a thermogenic fat burner such as Burner XT from Eiyolab or Ketoblast Pro from Revogenix. The fat burner will help you boost your metabolism while encouraging your body to draw energy from stored fat.
The choice of whey or an isolate will be based on your lactose tolerance. If you do not suffer from digestive disorders with dairy products, choose a whey concentrate. If, on the other hand, you are sensitive to lactose, prefer a whey protein such as whey hydrolyzate or isolate.

Your supplementation program

At Rise : 30g of whey and 2 capsules of Burner XT, Ketoblast Pro or Burner FG

At lunch : 2 capsules of Burner XT, Ketoblast Pro or Burner FG

Post workout : 30g of whey

As a snack between meals and at bedtime: 30g of casein

To lose belly

The fat stored around the abdominal strap is not only unsightly, but above all it is dangerous. It opens the door to metabolic and chronic diseases such as diabetes, and reducing your waistline is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to stay healthy for as long as possible. To lose bellywe advise you to associate your whey has CLA. CLA burns stored fat, prevents the storage of new fat and, icing on the cake, it targets abdominal fat.

Your supplementation program

At Rise : 30g of whey and 1 capsule of CLA

At lunch : 1 capsule of CLA

Post workout : 30g of whey

As a snack between meals and at bedtime: 30g of casein

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At dinner : 1 capsule of CLA

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