Which animal do you see first? It will reveal to you who you really are?

The wolf

If you saw the wolf first while looking at the picture, you are more the type to hide your attachments and loyalty from the whole world. The wolf represents protection, and people attracted to the wolf in this image create passionate personal attachments. However, just like the wolf himself, people who choose the wolf hide their weaknesses behind a false wall of strength and intimidation.

The Tiger

If you saw the tiger first when you looked at the picture, you are a person who has faced a lot of adversity. It means that the people in your life, even those who know you best, view you as someone who has been hurt or as someone who needs to appear overprotective.

The truth is that deep within your being you have a more powerful force than you can imagine. The next time you feel defeated, exhausted, or depressed, imagine this tiger and focus on the powerful sense of inner strength you already have within you.

The owl

If you’ve seen the little owl, the personality trait you keep hidden from the rest of the world is your passion for introspection and meditation. The owl is traditionally associated with wisdom, a fact that most people know, but most people don’t know that it is also associated with our “me”, the inner self, the part of us that we grow with. the arts and with spiritual devotion.

People may see you as a rambunctious and fun-loving person, and you are, but you also have the ability to gain a lot of knowledge and comfort in religious practice, meditation, or other forms of devotion.

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The puppy

If you saw the puppy while watching the picture, you hide your ability to love freely and understand how important it is to play! Of course, we all know that dogs are man’s best friend and we all know how devoted and fun they are.

Seeing the puppy first in this picture means some people might see you as a bit aloof or hard to get to know until the end, you’re not. The truth is, you want nothing more than to love and someone to have fun and play with you, so don’t hold back on doing that for a second longer, it’s your nature!

The Cobra

If you saw the cobra first when you looked at this image, you are hiding your supreme sense of confidence and self-worth. Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, snakes have been held up as signs of wisdom and protectors of royalty. Some snakes are poisonous, they are all-powerful, but they are all beautiful.

Maybe sometimes you just don’t stand up for yourself in life. You may be struggling to believe in your self-esteem. To see this cobra means that deep within you there is a voice crying out to you to be your best advocate and ally. Listen to it!


If you saw the lion while looking at this image, the personality trait you are hiding from the world is your feelings of anger. The lion is known to be strong, dangerous, and regal, as well as roaring when it comes time to confront an enemy.

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Anger isn’t always a bad thing, of course. Very often, in order to develop an experience, you must first overcome the anger you feel. Never apologize for your passion and, indeed, your anger. It’s part of who you are, and the reason you’re so angry is because you feel so passionate. Share these passions!

The bat

If you saw a bat first, you’re hiding how in tune you are with what’s going on around you at all times. Bats are known to be able to fly almost blind even in the darkest conditions. Although you have full control of your senses, like a bat, you use alternative means to know your surroundings and get to know the people inside better.

It’s time to stop doubting your intuitions about people, places, or situations. You might think, “Hey, that’s just a suspicion,” but chances are your suspicions are worth more than the ideas of people who have thoroughly researched the situation.


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