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Transactional analysis is used in particular to improve and model communications or interpersonal exchanges. It strengthens our relationships with one or more people. It is an ideally optimistic and humanist philosophy. A medical tool expressly created to help all human beings in relational or social difficulty. It describes the functioning of the three states of the ego: child, parent and adult.

Accessible to all, transactional analysis provides excellent autonomy and better mental health. It shows more its attractions in the professional or associative field. Indeed, this method especially helps leaders, managers, teachers and leaders to communicate better. It also allows these individuals in their respective fields to develop their skills and assert themselves.

A bit of history on TA or transactional analysis

The concept ofTransactional Analysis was born essentially around the 1950s. It was Doctor Eric BERNE who developed this theory, an American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Transactional analysis works on communication, personality, understanding and social relationships at the same time. It repairs our bad behaviors and promotes regaining control for live positively and peacefully with others. It awakens and also allows awareness.

Transactional analysis: virtues and benefits

Transactional analysis improving communications with others is its great and undeniable advantage. It optimizes a good relational exchange and ensures the strengthening of relations between two individuals.

Transactional analysis combines both social psychiatry and the psychotherapy. It helps us to better adapt our behavior and to live better in community, to better understand or know each other. It offers the ability to decode our individual mode of communication with others. TA is also used to target communication dysfunctions and to think about possible solutions. With this method, one can also come to understand how develops and build a personality. Indeed, via this formula, we can explain psychosomatic pathologies, neuroses and inappropriate behaviors.

How does this method work?

I’Transactional Analysis eliminates susceptibility, lack of assertiveness, shyness and aggressiveness. In general, it is carried out in individual coaching 45 minutes (once a week). The patient remains in direct contact with his therapist and develops a plan to define the course of the sessions. Indeed, it is necessary to talk about the specific objectives and the means to be used to achieve them. The principle is to make the patient discover:

  • Its natural state (of child) to be able to repair the state of the injured child,
  • The structuring of the objective adult,
  • And positive parent reinforcement.
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As the sessions progress, this person regains self-confidence. Then, she manages to effectively express her emotions in the face of any circumstance. To take advantage of this form of natural therapy, consult a certified specialist in transactional analysis.


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